Prince William reveals a cooking skill to Kate Middleton when preparing a lunch in a home without home


The Duke and the Duke of Cambridge spent a part of Prince Charles's birthday in a charity near the heart of William's late mother, Diana.

William and Kate, both 36, traveled to Barnsley, Yorkshire, 175 miles north of London, to help some young people at the Centrepoint Homelessness Center.

Charity was one of the first to be accepted by William in 2005 – after his mother with a royal patron. Later, William and Kate are expected to be in the Buckingham Palace, where Prince Charles will be rewarded for his 70th birthday.

In the charity host, where there are 17 young people, the couple helped prepare lunch. Mixing Omer's red pepper and Chorizo ​​soup and cutting bread.

Kate said, "Do not look at how I cut it evenly" when she cut a loaf, while William smoked some soup in the kitchen at Quarry View.

Kate helped with the cutting of bread for the soup – but she admitted she did not do a great job

The Duke and the Duchess helped in the kitchen at the hostel

William then took the tray and again stepped into another kitchen to sit with two youngsters whom Centrepoint and two staff members helped bite.

"I'm doing my balancing soup," said the prince, as he moved to the right corridor.

"I'm sorry to be waiting for you at lunch – we talked too much as usual."

When they were sitting, William tried to make his neighbors comfortable by setting "this is not the usual lunch".

Kate said: "I think I cut some pretty big blades."

"Do not hesitate with the size of the bread of ketrin, it's enough to close the door," added William.

Duke from Cambridge serves lunch at the Centrepoint visit to Barnsley. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photography. Date of publication: Wednesday, 14 November 2018 William and Kate visited a charity center in South Yorkshire when asked to help prepare lunch before serving two young people who helped them in the city. See PA story ROYAL William. Photo credit should read: Charlotte Graham / Daily Telegraph / PA Wire

When they dined for lunch, William joked with his neighbor, Chelsea Jenkins (23), about the small card they were given to help deal with the royal couple and another protocol.

Among other advice, he recommended that you call the kingdom of your royal majesty and, secondly, mention: "Sir or ma'am (tram rims)."

"He just laughed about it," "Chelsea says." He said something about the update. He was wonderful, easy to talk. He helped us and made it known that there were young people in need and that Centrepoint did it. "

"He asked me about the obstacles I had in my life. Centrepoint helped me, they are very good listeners."

Soup is part of the Big Broth project, which raises money for Centrepoint. This was a winning entry to the Soup Selection Decision, which is now on sale in the online store Waitrose and Ocado.

The charity also hopes that people will use soups to invite friends and family to share meals and some money for homeless people.

The Duke and the Duchess visited the McLaren car maker

They then visited Andy Norman, a new Learning Center, a dedicated area and providing them with the means to improve their opportunities for independent living.

The couple met some young people who learned about the memory and the First World War as part of an exercise in life skills.

"Did you know much about this?" Kate asked, while William added: "It's such a big issue. I always think that numbers that are quite surprising are the millions who have killed them."

The royal couple met with local representatives

The pair officially opened the new McLaren plant

Charity helps 60 people around the city. Last year, 7,000 young people in Yorkshire and Humber joined the local authorities because they were homeless or threatened.

In Barnsley, Centrepoint seeks to provide these young people with accommodation and support to reintegrate them into education, training and employment.

Earlier, about 15 kilometers in Rotherham, they visited a car maker of the new technology center Composites McLaren Automotive, who met with factory workers and talked with some ambassadors of McLaren STEM about his work that encourages children to participate in learning in science and career.

William and Kate, together with Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke of Sussex, regularly encouraged young people to follow paths to STEM subjects at school, university and careers.

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