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Experts have been pissing together on Depy's Dinosaur before he goes on public display on the only Scottish stop of his UK tour.

London Natural History Museum The 21.3-meter replica deplococcal skeleton arrived in the Calvary Richmond Art Gallery and Museum this month after sailing across the Irish Sea.

Specialists are now unpacking the 292-bone structure and performing the giant jigsaw puzzle of putting the dinosaur back together.

Lorraine Cornish, the natural history museum's conservation, said: "As a turnaround, the halfway point, providing a huge success in the first three destinations, seems to be the next stop is a hometown of sorts.

"The Scottish leg of the tour, where the creation of the NHM Deepi figure was first discussed, is the perfect destination to contemplate on the many people Depy has so far inspired to explore their own natural world.

"We hope the visitors to Depy in Glasgow will be directly enthralled by the Jurassic ambassador."

Prior to joining Glossgov, Deploy was on display in Belfast and traveled to Scotland by ferrying 16 visits to Crates.

Depy will be on display at Kuwait Road from January 22 to May 6.

Before, the visitors show him to put together the balcony around the main hall.

Before the tour, the dinosaur has never been on display outside of London.

David McDonald, chair of Glasgow Life, said: "Dippy is here. The excitement is palpable. Like thousands of other visitors I am relating to the unique opportunity to see the impressive creature taking shape for my eyes.

"It is a pleasure to watch the skilled team of Natural History Museum bring deeply to life in Glasgow. We look forward to welcoming his much adoring fans to the Kuwait Museum over the coming months."

Once he leaves Glasgow, Depy will visit Newcastle, Cardiff, Roche and Norwich on the tour that ends in October next year.

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