Kylie Minogue was "upset" with a legal battle with Kylie Jenner

Kylie Minogue opened up in her legal battle with Kylie Jenner after the singer tried to block a beauty mogul with a brand name of their common name.

The Aussie superstar has long been known simply as "Kylie" and wanted to maintain it, after the star, which is famous for its mouth and lips, formally demanded in April 2014 to commit itself as simply "Kylie".

It was a real battle at Kylies.

Minogue hired a lawyer who described Jenner as "a personal reality television program of secondary reality," which we felt like soothing, we think, and now the singer acknowledged that this statement was "upset."

"I was so upset when I heard that. I said," Who said what? "," Minogue revealed now in a chat with an Australian project, with the beauty of the last look.

Kylie V Kylie (Picture: PA Wire / PA Pictures)

"What I heard was:" This is a lawyer. ""

Interview Lisa Wilkinson said: "Australia is really outraged when we hear that it was trying to have the name Kylie around the world – and if we were outraged, I wonder how you feel?"

What Minogue replied: "I just thought," Oh, I'm going, that's annoyance "- I did not want to be anything (problems) about it, so everything was taken care … very nice, I have to say."

On the list sent by her legal team to the US Patent and Trademark Office, which objected to Jenner's trademark, the name Minogue was an internationally renowned art artist, a humanitarian and cancerous activist known all over the world, simply as "Kylie" . "

Jenner's request was finally rejected in February last year as the star of reality filed a complaint against the decision.

Last year, Minogue dealt with a legal dispute, saying she was not personally against the maker she had not met.

"I never met Kylie Jenner," said Rolling Stone. "I never met any family members – I actually met Kendall Jenner, who went on a fashion event – but I do not know them honestly. It's embarrassing because fans are so loyal and loud, and we love it! But it was nothing personal, it's hard to say. "

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It seems that Spinning Around's career is strong and strong this year, after being rewarded to perform at the Glastonbury Festival next year – the first in her career.

The star was supposed to be twelve years ago, but she was forced to pull out only one month before her appearance after finding that she had breast cancer.

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