Great deficiency Trent Alexander-Arnold has in Liverpool – and the patience he deserves


Before the 20th anniversary, Trent Alexander-Arnold already surpassed some of the biggest names in Liverpool's history.

By the end of his teens, the young right-hander played 54 appearances, which was 10 more than Steven Gerrard for the same age.

Jamie Carragher, the legendary defender who represented the club 737 times, played only 15 times before turning to 20. And the Reds icon left West Derby-born Alexander-Arnold before eventually to dim his appearance figures – the total that he sees to sit in the list of all time.

"Trent will be a long-time Liverpool player," Carragher told ECHO earlier this year. "I really think that I could play more club appearances than I do."

The extraordinary climb of Aleksander-Arnold from young creditors to the full star of the first team is well documented.

He made his Premier League Championship in January 2017 and has since played in the Champions League Final and played in the semi-finals of England.

Such a meteoric growth was earned by almost every corner, and the defender of Cardiff City Lee Peltier supported his colleague Scouser for the greatness that was later in turn.

Trent Alexander-Arnold dreams of becoming captain of Liverpool …

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The former defender of Reds followed a similar career path, which in 2007 beat the first team as a young right back under Rafa Benitez, and knows how difficult it is to succeed at Anfield as a young local.

"People are not aware, it's only 19 and the games he played, and the pressure he had, and played in every game," said Peltier in September. "It's something special and unique that you really do not get a lot of kids.

"He was at the World Championship and he has a lot of capabilities and potential, as he already has such a position as his own. He is now only young and has his ups and downs, but he started his career fantastically in Liverpool.

Liverpool vault Alexander-Arnold had a tough night against Napoli in the Champions League last month
Liverpool vault Alexander-Arnold had a tough night against Napoli in the Champions League last month

"Obviously, whoever put it right back, made the right choice because he will be a fantastic right-hander. He could be one of the best in the world, regardless of whether England continues to work and progresses."

Alexander-Arnold tried a hard task in Arsenal last week, with Liverpool level 1-1 by a draw, before the rest of his teammates spent a tough evening game on Tuesday with a 2-0 defeat to Red Star Belgrade.

It's easy to forget that Aleksander-Arnold played less than two years ago and that, as it may have been late, the dip is in a form that should be met with a meaningful perspective from the Liverpool fanbase.

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Alexander-Arnold is probably the most exciting young local player who played in the first team in Liverpool with regularity, as Gerrard did it 20 years ago.

Such a coat comes with its own shortcomings for the young player, as it rarely offers them the chance to spend an unchanged day – especially with a club with high ambitions like Liverpool.

"What I'd like to say about local players is that all clubs like to see them (get through)," Carragher told Sky Sport Monday night of football last week.

Trent Alexander-Arnold played in the summer for England at the World Cup
Trent Alexander-Arnold played in the summer for England at the World Cup

"I think that you have received preference (from fans) before the doubt and stick with you, if things do not go well, but it's a time when it becomes difficult.

"And what would I say, started his career in one of the biggest clubs in the world and looked at my position … said the best middle part I played with Sami Hyypia – and now Virgil van Dijk, one of the best worlds – that was my position.

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"Sami Hyypia, when he came in, was 26. 26. Nobody saw him at 18 when he had heavy moments, ups and downs. Van Dijk was in the Netherlands or Scotland with Celtic, maybe they were not ready for Liverpool 18. or 19 years old.

"If you came through the ranks of Liverpool, I do not say that they would not be good enough, but perhaps at that time they were not eligible for it and moved on.

"So when you come to a local club, they see in the whole world that you have the time of growing up, your mistakes, good days and bad, and then you get 26 or 27 when you're in your first."

Alexander-Arnold had to grow up quickly under this glare. The decision to not be assigned to the player or his club after the first straight ridge on the road.

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