EasyJet boss announces the second year of annual chaos

The low-cost airline easyJet announced that this year's disruption will be as bad as this year, when the airline had to cancel 6,800 flights, almost three times more than in 2017.

Johan Lundgren, who spoke on forecasts of targeted half-yearly results, said: "We assume that the situation will not improve."

He said that air carriers were suffering from factors beyond their control, such as air traffic controller strikes and "inefficient use of airspace".

"I met [European transport commissioner] Violeta Bulc and she will be a priority for 2019 to make sure of improvements, but we do not count on that, "Lundgren said.

The results of the airline showed a profit before tax of £ 578 million, which is 42 percent higher at the higher end of the company's guidelines. Revenue rose 17 percent to 5.9 billion pounds.

EasyJet shares fell by 5.9 percent in trading in aftermarket shares, with analysts mistaken, as the results were announced and the prospects remain largely unchanged. Kathryn Leonard from Numis warned of a wider decline in travel and leisure stock.

The airlines did not improve their outlook in the first half of 2019, and continued to anticipate that revenue per seat would be reduced from low to mid-number due to one-off benefits in 2018, such as the collapse of competing airlines.

Costs to the headquarters rose by 6.5 percent to 57.26 pounds on the back of air traffic control and impacts on Earth's surface in Europe, the crew inflation rate and the impact of late delivery of Airbus aircraft.

At Brexit, easyJet said that the 47% owner, who is not in the UK, approached the majority needed to maintain EU licenses after UK left the block. However, he said that he could still cancel UK shareholders voting rights or force them to sell shares in the case without the Brexit agreement.

Mr Lundgren said that he "is convinced, as we have been all the time," that the flight will continue alongside Brexit, albeit without agreement, according to the recent UK and EU statements on the mutual recognition of traffic rights and licenses.

EasyJet has carried 88.5 million passengers, a record 10%. The aviation company attributed revenue of £ 20 million to French industrial action, which led people from other airlines and rail services.

The carrier is 65 percent protected from fuel for 2019, but this fuel would still be winds from 50 to 100 million pounds.

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