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EUROPE-USA – Logistic stories have always covered the expanded range of multimodal transport systems, roads, railways, the sea, the air, and even the gas pipeline. Later, we find that there are still more stories about cargo ships located far across the country, partly promoted by a host of private initiatives by companies that have emerged in recent years. Most of the news is about how hardware can achieve a point that can be sent to orbit, but in the future it will refer more to final delivery points for cargo that goes beyond the earth's atmosphere.

We dealt with such cases of shipments that were late to the customer in the emptiness, but this week the more frequent types of pieces of special cargo cargo Volga-Dnepr Airlines, which in cooperation with freight forwarding equipment, Bolloré Logistics delivered a historic shipment soon to be installed in a vacuum space, accompanied by human crew.

The Russian-oriented group was in charge of delivering the first European Service Module (ESM) for the historic space program, which will bring astronomers out of low earth orbit in 2022. A 14-ton module that is being transported in a special container to maintain precise temperature and pressure conditions and 10 tonnes of additional equipment was delivered by one of Anton's 124-100 trucks from Bremen, Germany to Titusville, USA.

The shipment was ready for installation on the next generation Orion spacecraft and testing at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The module provides space vehicles with propulsion, powerful, water and oxygen supply devices and thermal control. The first unmanned Orion mission is scheduled for 2020 and the aircraft will bring over 64,000 kilometers across the Moon. Two years later, the first human spacecraft will transport astronauts to space more than ever before as part of a scientific data collection program to develop the ability of people to travel to Mars. Konstantin Vekshin, Executive Cargo Cargo Operator at Volga-Dnepr Airlines commented:

"We are honored to support such an important and historic effort. Providing specialized transportation for the aerospace industry is one of the main professional areas of Volga-Dnepr Airlines, and every year we operate more than 50 flights that carry various space cargoes, including satellites, parts of spacecraft, rockets and amplifiers.

The unique capabilities of our cargo vessels Antonov 124-100 and Ilyushin 76TD-90VD with their loading capabilities and systems on board cranes, together with our thirty years of experience, enable our team of experts to provide safe, secure, time-saving and cost-effective solutions for delivering such important and sensitive cargoes. We want this unique space mission that changes history, every success! "

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