BMW M340i xDrive revealed – the first version of the new 3-series


BMW announced the first sports version of its new 3-Series M340i xDrive. Perhaps it will not fully enlighten the M3, but this model follows the line of successful M Performance models, including the hot M140i flap and the M240i coupon. When the new M340i will start selling in July next year, it will go head-to-head with the Audi S4 and the Mercedes-AMG C43. Although there are currently no word about prices, expect to pay somewhere north of £ 45,000.

The new generation of the M340i is BMW's first M Performance 3 series – the German M318 was only the 1990s and was only part of the body and wing for the approval of additional aerodynamic parts for the races – but it does not follow the same proposals they set many other M models that were sold in the United Kingdom. For the first time, as you may have guessed with the xDrive badge, the new M340i is a four-wheel drive. The torque is divided into the last eight-speed automatic and two decals, and then they are driven to the front and rear axles.

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BMW's decision to drive the four-wheel drive M340i is not surprising, as its largest M-car, the M5, is equipped with all-wheel drive, as well as its above mentioned Audi and AMG competitors. The decision to award the M Performance 3 can also be an indication that the next M3 can also be powered on all bikes.

In addition to the all-wheel drive system, there is another departure for the M Performance standard differential with limited slip, which is usually a full-fat car can of M car. But instead of just being a standard mechanical unit, the LSD on the back of the new model is the electronically controlled M-Sports Difference that you will find in all the relevant M cars.

Although the M340i is not completely distanced from the existing M cars. Its 3-liter six-speed engine equipped with a single twin-turbocharger is the same as the B58 engine found in the M140i, M240i and X3 M40i. Instead of having "only" 355 KM (formerly, the maximum amount of power that B58 produced by six manufacturers), the engine has a new sports 3-series 369 hp. However, the torque remains the same at 369 lb ft. The engine promises to make the sound more exciting than ever before, thanks to the M340i with the M Sport Exhaust system fitted with an electronically activated noise control valve.

The result of extra power and an additional four-wheel drive traction system and LSD means that the M340i can accelerate from 0 to 62 km / h in 4.4 seconds. This is 0.8s faster than the fastest previous generation of the 3-series, 340i and only 0.1sec for the 425bhp M3. This acceleration shows before the AMG C43 and the Audi S4, as both cars complement the shift to 62 km / h in 4.7 seconds.

The 3-series basic housing architecture was not changed for the M340i, there is still a MacPherson strut with an additional front suspension and multi-link. However, the M-specific suspension reduces the car by 10 mm, improves the angular angles and a slightly wider track – although this is not enough to facilitate the wider bodywork. The front brakes are a pair of four piston fixed jaw units that cover 348 mm of discs, while on the reverse side there are two single piston drives of about 345 mm rotors.

There are some visual hints that indicate that this is not an ordinary 3-series. Like other M Performance cars, they have a gray mirror cap, although the new shade on the M340i is slightly bronze colored than the color used on the M140i, M240i and X3 M40i. Bumper cartridges, exhaust pipes and model badges are all in the same color. This is also the front grille, but the most important element is the M340i nostrils that the vertical bars of a standard car are replaced by a grid.

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