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In recent months, the BBC has been under fire for scraping the free TV licenses for most over 75 and the defunct BBC campaign group has gained momentum.

And now, former MEP Rupert Lowe has said there is “no surprise” support for the long-running organization is falling.

He tweeted: “No surprise to see support for the BBC falling with older people as the BBC desperately tries to appeal to the woke crowd.

“What made me laugh was that the support is also among younger people.

“It’s a failure organization – it’s time to hold me accountable for payment for it.”

Britons warned time to stop paying BBC license fee

Britons warned time to stop paying BBC license fee (Image: Getty)

BBC Director-General Tim Davie

BBC Director-General Tim Davie (Image: Getty)

The comments of Mr. Low comes after the broadcasting Watchdog descent Revealed satisfaction with the BBC is showing “signs of wanting”.

The descent report found: “For the first time, satisfaction levels between Audiences who usually use the most BBC … start to show signs.

The main audience, mainly starts to show signs of decreasing satisfaction.

“Average time spent with the BBC every week [by young audiences] Stands now just less than an hour a day. “

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Ofcom finds that BBC support is waning

Ofcom finds that BBC support is waning (Image: Getty)

The report found that the proportion over the age of 55 with a “positive impression” of the BBC fell from 64 per cent in 2018 to 62 per cent.

The report found younger audiences were more likely to use BBC iPlayer than traditional television.

While the report said the reach of the BBC was “still very high”, the overall audience was “in gradual decline”.

It said: “If the audience does not consider the BBC as a core part of their viewing, they may not see value in the license fee.

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Rupert Lowe criticizes BBC support

Rupert Lowe criticizes BBC support (Image: Twitter / Rupert Lowe)

“We are committed to providing great value and meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing media landscape.”

Only 69 percent of the radio 2 listeners now believe that it offers something that other radio stations do not, down from 75 percent a year ago.

Overall, 87 percent of the population now uses BBC services, down from 92 percent three years ago.

Vicky Cook, descendant director of broadcasting policy, said: “The BBC stands out from the challenge of serving all its audiences, which is age, background, place.

BBC viewers use iPlayer more likely

BBC viewers use iPlayer more likely (Image: Getty)

“Tim Davie [the director-general] Has been quite clear since he assumed that the BBC could not immediately communicate to every audience, and our research has confirmed this. “

Earlier this month, BBC Boosts had warned millions of Britons aged 75 and above not to pay for the annual television license fee after returning on a contract to offer free television access.

The decision to burn the free license has sparked the wrath of BBC users, with the group defending the BBC emerging in a bid to make the payment of the license fee voluntary.

Group member Calvin Robinson warned that the corporation senior Britons are willing to stop paying for television access after years of under-representation.

BBC criticized for over-75s scandal

BBC criticized for over-75s scandal (Image: Getty)

Speaking to TalkRADIO, Robinson said: “We hear of so many over- 75s said, ‘Actually, we have enough.’

“The BBC has promised that they will keep the licenses free for us. They have returned their promise, this is the last straw.

“They are no longer willing to pay and I think that’s fantastic. People get up and vote with their wallets and say no.

“The BBC has been subjecting us for too long, why should we pay them for this?”

BBC faces backlash for over-75s scandal

BBC faces backlash for over-75s scandal (Image: Getty)

Claims the BBC has “underrepresented” the public is reinforced by Rebecca Ryan, campaign director for Defund the BBC.

Ms. Ryan told “The views of the majority of country, and not just people who have voted for Brexit, but people who have voted the other way, have for the last four years had to hear how they are portrayed as racist, thick and back.

The all sorts of organization that they are forced to pay for their imprisonment.

“There is a huge sense of injustice that people feel throughout the country.”

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