Air hostesses understand the child's flying experience


There was no formula on the plane.

A flight attendant from the Philippines is praised for surpassing her call to make it easier for a child crying on a sailboat. Patrisha Organo, 24, one of the cabin crew of a Philippine air carrier rushed to help anxious mother and nursing her frivolous child during the flight.

Organo heard the child crying right after the summer takeoff and went to help Mother. "Everything went smoothly all the way to the summer. I heard the crying of the young man, a scream who would do anything to help," said Organo. She added, "I tried to tell her to keep her hungry baby. Teary-ey told me she ran out of milk from the formula, "she was quoted in The Philippine Times.

Unfortunately, there was no milk formula on the plane, which means that feeding a hungry crying child will not be possible. Organic panic also decided to baby itself. "I thought that it was just one thing I could offer, and that was the baby's suckling, so I offered it," said Organo.

The mother and her child were assisted by the airline line manager to the plane where the baby was breastfeeding her baby until she fell asleep. "The child began to root, she was so hungry. I dropped her back to her seat and before I left, she thanked my mother sincerely, thank you, sir, for the gift of breast milk," added Organo.

Organo shared the story on Facebook and posted an image of her cocking child. The announcement became viral, which had more than 96,000 volumes, 3,700 comments and 18,000 shares with an organ that touches millions of hearts for its kind-hearted move.

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