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We look at the beautiful concept of Android 11R


Android has not yet got to our smartphones, because the information about the version of the "Green Robot" following it has already started to appear on the net. After Android Q, it will be Android, and for the first time we met the latest internet news just last month, when we learned that Moto Z4 won't get the next version of the OS, and will be updated. From The Current Android Pie To Android K Only. The first fan concept Android 11R, however, is shown in a new video on YouTube.

There are not many innovations, but they look very good.

Please note that this is just a concept and new features and enhancements presented to it may not appear in the latest OS release.

The next version of the Android will be elevated in a row and will be called Android r. As can be seen in the video concept, the next generation of the "Green Robot" (or could not) get a new navigation bar and a special area with widgets named by the author of the live widget Aria video.

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In the video at the same time, the inscription "home screen lives with her" appeared, which sends us notifications that are now displayed directly on the home screen (and not just on the message screen and on the lock screen). The new animated wallpaper, which is also featured in the video, and they look just gorgeous.

One of the ideas of the author of the concept, bye, is borrowed from iOS, but that is a bad thing at all. So we have a new messaging service, Gmessage, not just the functionality of it, but even the name is very similar to Apple iMessage.

In Gmessage, users of various Android devices can exchange messages, as well as regular RCS or SMS, if there is no connection to the mobile network or Wi-Fi. I didn't forget to remind the author of the video, too, that all articles and calls made by the application are safe and reliable, because Gmessage protects and encrypts them.

In the video, you can also notice a smoother interface, namely, the menu to the recently launched applications and revised menu settings. Application icons are also reversed to match the design of the new version of the system. Of course, the author of this concept does not forget the dark theme in which real black color prevails, which will be much for the smartphones with OLED screens.

What will Android attend this time?

This concept of Android 11R seems quite real, but it was all the same by fans. As soon as Google releases the latest version of Android Q, you can expect the appearance of much more information about Android. Now it would be interesting to know what a new version of Android is this time.

Again, we note that the concept of Android R is discussed in this material as unrealistic (at least for now), so you need to treat it with a certain degree of skepticism. However, more specific details can be expected in the coming weeks and months.

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