Ukrainian scientists prototype group Kazka: photo


Ukrainian scientists have trodden the Kazakh group

Photo: Frame of Youtube

A composition of the KAZKA group's closet for the song of calls

In the National Museum of Natural History, they noted a "botanical" blooper in the strike of the Ukrainian team.

Ukrainian scientists from the National Museum of Natural History criticized the clip for the strike of the Kazakh call group. Botanists have pointed out that they are singing about violet in the song, but a completely different flower appears on the video. The corresponding post appeared on the Official Museum page on Facebook.

Scientists first want the team success and congratulate them with worldwide popularity, and then they prololl. The botanists have noticed that the song is sung about violet, but another flower appears in the video for the track – Sandpaulia.

In their post, scientists say that the indoor flower, which we call violet, and that is in the video, is not a flower. Botanis appeared by flowers, and did not miss the opportunity to tell the story of plants.

At the end of the post, the specialists once again noticed that it is not important that the violet the group has in mind, but it is important to maintain critical thinking and striving for new knowledge. Users liked this post. Some have pointed out that the author needs to give this ego a while while others are surprised that they called the blush of the wrong flower all their lives.

At the Eve, the song of the Ukrainian group Kazka entered the prestigious Shazam chart for the first time in history. The track became a real hit, and the video for the song Chris scored 100 million hits on YouTube.

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