Ufolog discovered the pyramid on the asteroid Bennu


The fact that the asteroid 1999 RQ36 Bennu has found a square structure that has windows and a pyramid, said the famous Taiwanese ufolog, Scott Waring.

Images of the celestial body were made on August 17 using NASIR OSIRIS-REX spacecraft. Waring accuses NASA of explicitly reducing asteroid images so they do not see anything concrete. But still, he says, the pyramid is visible in a picture that emits a triangular shadow.

And even closer to the edge of the asteroid you can see the construction of a square shape on which the windows or entrances are side by side.

Finally, Waring declares that the long structure is visible in the upper right of the asteroid.

Based on this photo, Scott Waring says that the undeniable evidence of the existence of foreign civilizations is because the objects on the bench asteroid are, in his opinion, undoubtedly artificial origin.

Waring wondered why NASA still does not want to acknowledge the existence of aliens, because the signs of their existence are so obvious to him! He believes that the asteroid could serve foreign spaces as a space where they were moved from one space vehicle to another.

NASA has not commented on this picture yet.

Web users who comment on the picture say that these models can be repeaters for transmitting signals in space on the model of our cellular communication. And so scientists should study these constructs.

It is also suggested that the asteroid can be part of a planet where intelligent life was inhabited and whose inhabitants built pyramids. At Ceres, which is also considered a particle of the planet, the pyramids are also found by experts. The first rover also transmitted similar pyramidal images from Mars.

Another idea is expressed, are not the same architects pyramids on space objects and on Earth.

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