The head of the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs explains about the “difficult” rate of COVID-19

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs hospital explains the strict trend of COVID-19

The number of patients with severe and “severe” disease COVID-19 – increasing

Only tightening quarantine measures can reduce the growth of morbidity in Ukraine, says the chief physician of the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The chief physician of the Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Yuriy Sack, announces an increase in the number of patients with a severe and “aggravated” course of the disease COVID-19. On Saturday, November 21st, he announced this in the air of the “Freedom of Speech” program of Savik Schuster on the channel “”.

“We really see an increase in severe cases. And the mortality rate increases inevitably. What we have seen in the last two or three weeks: From my hospital I can say that during this time there has been an increase in the number of patients with Complicated forms, “said the chief physician.

The chief physician said that in his hospital, patients with a mild form of the disease are monitored remotely, which do not have complications such as pneumonia.

“Today we are treating patients who have developed complications of coronavirus infection – the most common is coronavirus pneumonia. As the number of patients admitted increases every day, the dynamics only increase,” the doctor emphasized.

In his view, in order to prevent the further spread of a new coronavirus infection, quarantine in the country should be tightened.

“Lackdown or restrictive measures is one of the methods. This will be confirmed by every epidemiologist who deals seriously with any infection. Today the most effective and simple methods. Yes, it hurts for the economy. No economist will now join me as a doctor , In the discussion, and say: “No, wait a minute, let’s talk: we will destroy the economy and it will be very difficult for the state.” Day off “- this is not even a quarantine. There’s just some sort of restriction in the work of some establishments. This is not even a half-measure, “Sack concluded.

We will mention, in Ukraine began to fine for lack of a mask. Punishment will follow not only for the lack of a mask in a public place, but also for wearing it incorrectly, in particular, if it is not covering the nose. A fine of 170 to 255 hryvnia will be paid immediately on the spot.

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