The author of the project talking about the crash, Kerch Bridge, Crimea, Ukraine News, Observatory November 21

Sinking of the Crimean bridge, recorded on satellites, will lead to its destruction. This process is irreversible.

The author of two Ukrainian projects of the Crimean bridge, engineer and bridge drill Georgi Rosnowski, said this in an obozrevatel commentary, noting that Russians chose the most poor place for construction due to geological and seismic conditions.

"Even in my time, I planned to build a bridge just north of the ferries in a narrow stride, which was supposed to combine Crimea to the Chushka Spit on the Russian coast. To the island of Tuzla is a moisture of deep mud volcanoes That can "breathe", causing fluctuations in the ground, "- explains the expert.

According to him, even Russian experts expressed the view that the bridge was short-lived. Thus, Yuri Medovar, an older researcher at the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate for genetic and mineral sciences, said that the bridge was damaged, explaining the basic problems with the structure.

"At this point, the depth reaches 80 meters, now the technologies allow for drilling at a depth of 60 meters in depth and even with the help of new installations, drilling is very problematic," says Rosnowski.

The engineer admits that with so many funding, the designers can build a really high-quality bridge, "but such landings mean bad specialists."

In addition, Rosnovsky believes that nothing can be done about the sinking of the Crimean bridge.

"This will lead to the destruction of the bridge, it can even more and throw in different directions, and then in the spring there will be ice drift, which could influence the support," he said.

As Obozrevatel previously reported, Russian geologists have found that the Crimea annex is drifting to the Russian Federation and, perhaps, even once connected to the mainland of the land.

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