Telegram X is permanently removed from the App Store. What is the matter?


The telegram X application, which provided instant messenger access, was permanently removed from the App Store. About him written on the official page on Twitter representatives of telegram. The deletion was not linked to the violation of the rules of placement in the catalog, but occurred at the initiative of the developer company. So now, telegram application with a pictograph of a paper airplane on a sky-blue background remains the only official client of the messenger.

The reason for the deletion of Telegram X, by its own recognition of the company's representatives, was the termination of its support. Since the beginning of the Telegram X, it was planned as a test solution for running the Swift programming language in which it is written, its presence on the App Store was temporary. Therefore, when the tests are completed, and the classic application is completely transferred from Object-C to Swift, the need for a duplicate is completely gone.

What is good Swift?

Translation of the standard telegram client to Swift is planned for a very long time. The programming language, created by Apple for writing software for proprietary operating systems, provides applications with a higher response speed compared to versions written in lens C. That was why many users switched to telegram X, leaving the classic client. In addition, the X version of this time differs slightly more logical layout of the interface elements, which also play into her hands.

In the past, Telegram X has disappeared from the App Store. True, the violation of the rules for placing in the Apple application directory was cited as the reason. Along with the overclocked client version, the classic one was also deleted from the store. It was two months before Telegrams were overthrown by the Russian authorities. Nevertheless, when the ban came into force, Apple ignored the requirement of Roskomnadzor and left the messenger in the App Store.

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