Tax demands Naftogaz 16 billion USD for a victory in Stockholm


NAC "Naftogaz Ukraine" received a notice of tax for the understatement of tax liabilities for payment of value added tax of EUR 16.3 billion in connection with the company again received a dispute with "Gazprom" in the Stockholm arbitration on the transit contract.

This is stated in the draft prospectus on the issue of Eurobonds. NAC.

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"Naftogaz" opposed the withdrawal of the tax audit and on the date of this prospectus for securities there was neither a revised decision of the tax authorities nor changes in the company's position, "says the document.

NAC explains that the arbitration process in Stockholm allocated US $ 4.63 billion, of which US $ 3.87 billion – damages for losses and damages, and $ 0.76 billion in interest.

By 2016, transit services should be taxed. VATtherefore, the company paid 4.75 billion hryvnia for this tax only for the compensation for the period 2016-2017 or $ 0.9 billion from the allocated $ 3.87 billion.

However GFS the total amount of compensation payable for the services to be charged is considered VAT in 2018.

Draft prospectus also applies to tax claims and to "daughter" NAC – "Ukrtransgaz": approximately 2.34 billion UAH for liabilities under VAT and income tax and approximately 1.57 billion UAH (totally about $ 0.15 billion) for incorrectly calculated losses, but Ukrtransgaz disputes these tax findings in court.

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