Starbucks earned more than $ 2 billion on a blunder in game of Thrones / News /


The American company Starbucks probably got about $ 2.3 million in a few days because of the plastic cup embarrassment in the final episode of the series "Game of Thrones".

Reports about it CNBC.

"Starbucks earned about $ 2.3 million in advertising over the last few days, after a modern cup is seen in the episode of" Game of Thrones "(Cave – Ed.), And what, as it turned out, doesn't even belong to Starbucks" message.

According to CNBCOn Sunday, the next episode of the series "Game of Thrones" in the frame issued a disposable coffee cup with a logo, apparently similar to Starbucks. Viewers began to distribute Frames with cinema tapes in social networks.

Later, it turned out that one of the actresses brought the cup to the film, which is not an addictive one – the movie Crew simply overlooked a foreign element. The episode of the cup was quickly corrected, but the footage was widely disseminated in both social and social networks. The media.

Hollywood Branded Marketing Director Stacey Jones believes that Starbucks could earn about $ 2.3 billion. To this, she added that she considered the incident an opportunity for a company that happens once in a lifetime.

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