Sotnikova struck fans with "transformation" in Pugachev: Show Business: VladTime

The actress wants to be like a primum Donja to get her young husband fans say.

Discuss the personal life of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, as well as suspecting the devil's disadvantage with different women, has become a tradition among their fans. Now actress Vera Sotnikova was recorded as a hostess for a humorist, but she herself provoked the rumors. Under the new photo Sotnikova left the following signature: "Today, again, the shooting of the Battle of the Psychics, I look at myself, but forgive me, I see the eyes of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, or did it seem to me ? !!! I do not specifically believe me. "

Sotnikova hit the fans with "transformation" in Pugacheva, but many suspected the actress of being slumber – she began to look like a diva specifically and turned to plastic surgeons for this. Fans seen on the face of Sotnikov traces of numerous injections and suspenders. They began to wonder what the star decided on this, but the answer was quickly found – the actress wants to take Galkina out of the family. Supposedly, the "second pugachev" will be able to attract a young humorist, and he will leave his law and women for a new lover, fans wrote.

"Galkin is shocked!" – summarized one commentator, while others supported him. Fans of Sotsnikova believe that the actress is much better than Pugacheva, which means she has all the chances to ward off the young man's devil or to find another reasonable Wallman.


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