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Roman Petrenko compares the game and statistics of Yaroslav Rakitsky leaving Zenit and his successor in the position of Centerback Valery Bondarenko.

Photo shoot: FC Shakhtar

Photo shoot: FC Shakhtar
January 19, 2019, 12:00

With high probability this winter, the miner will leave the long-term defense leader Yaroslav Rakitsky. 29-year-old centerback will protect Zenith's colors. However, the Donetsk club has already managed to take care of replacing one of the leading players. Valery Bondarenko, a senior defender of Alexandria, has already signed a preliminary contract with the Pitmen, but in the light of final events, he may be in Shakhtar now. Made a comparative analysis of the game and tactical indicators of the two players.

Mine's problems in defense are a long and sad story. In recent years, the defenders' mistakes cost a considerable number of goals and points lost. Neither did Sgiiri Krivtsov, nor David Bovevov, nor the often injured Ivan Order Set, completely solved this urgent problem. Yaroslav Rakitsky's claims were a bit less, and it was he who was significant. The rest of Paul Fonseka often shuffled, and even connected the Universal Nikolai Matvienko to this position. And yet, without Rakitsky, the miner always looked worse. His famous first pass is considered to be one of the best in Eastern Europe, and in our country this component is not as well developed by anyone as Yaroslav.

With the departure of Rakitsky, a miner can lose a lot. There are only a few such experienced ones who have played a lot at a high level in our country, and Yaroslav is well known for his charisma and leadership qualities. And at the club and in the national team, he is renowned for the well-placed shock of both the medium and the long range. And it is worth noting that Rakitsky – left-handed. At one time he played a lot on the left wing of the defense, but then finally and irrevocably transferred to the center. The corp works well for a player whose position is an obligatory function.

His successor to a wide range of fans has become known recently. This season, his Alexandria makes history. For a while, the modest club even jumps in second place, but for the winter it is third. That in itself is quite a decent result. Valery Bondarenko did not directly lead the schemes of Vladimir Sharan, but the defender is irreplaceable at this time. A huge height (195 cm), with excellent physical data (88 kg), became a real cement of the Alexandrian defense. Along with the same giant, Gendrik, Valery successfully succeeded in his work, and given his anthropomorphism, he often stays at the opponent's goal with the standards. In addition, Bondarenko does not cause finishing blows so often, throwing the ball under the blows to its partners.

Rakitsky and Bondarenko are various players. Everyone has their own trumps. This is confirmed by the data of Vishkaut. For example, according to the percentage of martial arts this season won, Yaroslav did better. 51.7% versus 44.9% for Bondarenko. Of course, this local advantage has been achieved largely because of the disproportion of the players experience. More and more experienced Rockitsky often wins microscopes only by choosing a job that comes with experience. On the other hand, Valery's move in high-up combat sports – 55.6% against 53.1%. Here, of course, there is a growth advantage – Bondarenko is higher than 11 cm.

It is unlikely that anyone will doubt the accuracy of long missions of Rakitsky. The master of this business in the current season has achieved a solid figure of 65.3%, while the successor socks are 57.1%. If we take the quality of programs in general, the indicator of Yaroslav is also large – 88.3%. That is, a marriage, if not minimal, then close to that. In this respect, Bondarenko is also very bad at all – 83%. Meanwhile, with canopies in Alexandria Tugovato. They do at least (0.15 on average), despite the fact that no one (!) Is accurate. In this regard, the junior defender should take an example of an experienced college graduate. Rakyatsky had an average of 31.3% of the overhangs, with an average score of 0.83. But with a successful strokes, Valery had better at 100% (0.31 on average per game). Rakitsky's strokes have more (1.67), but only 86.8% are successful. That, in general, is not bad either.

Interestingly, both defenders of this season have once become aware. However, this is not the main responsibility. With the departure of Rakitsky, a miner could be in defense and could not be the highest level of security, so he could get it. Still, Bondarenko is five years younger, much more profitable on the second floor and with the prospect of progress. Perhaps, miner only needs a plan player. Not for nothing, the "miners" have repeatedly attributed an interest in Yevgeny hatchery. Bondarenko in the style of the game is somewhat reminiscent of the former defender Dynamo. In any case, changes in the defensive line of pitmen are brewing, and now there is a chance to evaluate their effectiveness.

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