Quarantine in Ukraine in January: the country has already begun to prepare


In Ukraine, quarantine will not be increased until the end of December, but they will already do so From the beginning of January 2021… Now officials, together with heads of local administrations, are considering options for restrictions.

This was stated by Prime Minister Denis Schmigal. In a post on Facebook, he told what to expect for Ukrainians after the New Year holidays.

According to him, the state allegedly “is doing everything to make it easier for Ukrainians to go through the winter holidays for the sake of safety.” In this context, he recalled the package of bills approved by the Verkhovna Rada to support individuals and business in conditions of increased quarantine.

In the meantime, city voices and heads of regional state administration Support the prohibition or restriction of activities:

  • Festive concerts, discos and nightclubs, public events in the premises, hostels, shopping and entertainment centers – 100%;

  • Museums, cinemas and cinemas, catering establishments with leisure activities – 95%;

  • Holiday fairs, gyms and fitness centers – 90%.

At the same time, local officials Support work during lockdown, Although with partial restrictions:

  • Public transport (not more than the number of seats);

  • Catering establishments (delivery or takeaway);

  • Hotels (without entertainment and food zones).

The Prime Minister added Complete list All possible quarantines will be presented at a government meeting 9 December.

Recall: Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky ruled out the introduction of a lockdown in December 2020. Was he Assured that hospitals can now deal with the burden Patients with coronavirus.

It is important that the guarantor’s statement coincided with the information received by OBOZREVATEL about Zelensky’s intention to give artists, including Kvartal 95, an opportunity to earn money during the New Year holidays. Therefore, allegedly will be introduced strict quarantine in Ukraine No earlier than the beginning of January.

What is a lockdown and what will happen if Ukraine wants this

Closure (English lockdown – blocking) – a prohibition to freely enter or leave a building or a specific zone due to an emergency.

  • In countries where lockdown is introduced, the free movement and social contacts of citizens are completely or partially limited.

  • With a lockdown, almost all businesses, institutions and organizations, including educational, entertainment, sports, catering establishments, do not work (they can only work for delivery or sell food to go), etc.

  • Employees of enterprises, organizations and institutions are transferred to work online as much as possible.

  • A complete lockdown offers closure of borders, cessation of international and intercity communications, as well as the operation of public transport in settlements.

Experts almost unanimously say that if a lockdown is not urgently introduced in Ukraine, in December the number of official cases of infection will reach About 30 thousand per day And the total number of victims Will be more than 33,000 people.

OBOZREVATEL has previously considered two scenarios: the introduction of a lockdown in Ukraine from the beginning of December and at the end of the month. And the second option was terrible, what can we say about the postponement until the beginning of January.

Ukraine has already begun preparing for a solid quarantine in January, - Shmihal

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

  • Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov assured that until the end of 2020 Ukraine will not return to weekend quarantine to contain the spread of coronavirus.

  • The chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko suggested that during the lockdown, which the Cabinet of Ministers may introduce in early January 2021, churches, hotels and ski resorts will operate.

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