Not too late. How To Buy Winter Tires On Black Friday

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If you buy winter tires, it does not have to be a noise. (Photo: xload / Depositphotos)

Who said Black Friday is all about buying gadgets? Newly fallen snow suggests if you have not been looking for winter tires.

And the corresponding discounts are just on the way.

You can easily pick up winter tires in the online store, they can be ordered with delivery almost to the door of the tire fitting, which is closer to your home and quickly «Change your shoes “until the same «Day of the Tinsmith.

Discounts and promotional prices help you to choose even premium winter tires for reasonable money.

You can be convinced of this through the five promotional offers that we have selected for this article.

Let us not enter the technical details, just assess the main advantages of the winter tires, so that you can choose easier. Even if you are far from the topic and do not understand anything about rubber.

Continental ContiInterContact TS

4070 3670 UAH

Premium stateless tires for passenger cars.

Provides excellent handling even on wet and slippery asphalt. Premium quality makes itself felt, including the low noise level. But the most important thing that Continental tires are famous for is their smooth ride. Compared to many other premium brands, Continental is the ideal choice if you are not passionate about sports driving, but strive for maximum comfort.

You can buy discount tires from Continental ContiInterContact TS.

Michelin Alpin 5

3380 3042 грн

Michelin is such a well known and prestigious brand that even those who are not interested in tires and do not understand they know about it.

It’s like an iPhone, in that sense «Do not know what smartphone to buy, take your iPhone. “

It is difficult to find visible flaws in Michelin rubber. Especially when it comes to the Alpin 5, which has a reputation as one of the most comfortable winter tires for passenger cars.

It is a soft and comfortable rubber which at the same time excellent handling and safety on icy and snowy roads.

With this discount you can buy Michelin Alpin 5 winter tires at a discount.

Bridgestone Blizak Revo Gz

1493 1344 UAH

The well-known brand Bridgestone is loved for its good ride. Gum is harsh (Compared with Michelin or Continental), but provides excellent handling.

Durable and shock-resistant tires will appeal to those who love to buy something «Once and for a long time. “

Buy Bridgestone Blizak Revo Gz With A Discount Here.

Hankook Winter i * Pike RS2 W429

1200 1080 grn

Cheap studded tires for those who still fear that the winter will be snowy.

Studded tires reduce handling, especially in case of emergency braking, and do not really show up on dry asphalt. However, this reduces the likelihood dramatically that your car will become helpless and out of control on ice or in deep snow.

Buy Hankook Winter i * Pike RS2 W429 studded winter tires with a discount here.

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