Nadia Dorofeeva seduced with glittering top and ornaments at the party Moschino and H & M


Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeyeva became a VIP guest at the launch of the limited design collection Moschino [tv] H & M. At a social event, the artist not only glistened elegant appearance, but also played the real DJ set.

The first stars of the Ukrainian show-business: Ekaterina Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov, Tayanna, Lesya Nikityuk, Ksenia Schneider, Elina Svitolina and many others invited to the party. However, Nadia Dorofeev, who showed a spectacular image, was even less than other journalists and the public.

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To exit, the participant of the duo "Time and Glass" set sexy shining from the top of Moschino and H & M, with emphasis on her chest, white coaches, black loose jacket and shiny shoes with heels. The image was complemented by a large gold necklace with a Moschino word. Earrings and black bag on the chain have perfectly finished the look.

Knitted hair, makeup and light green manicure became an excellent complement to the dress. Nadia confidently felt in things and lit the public with loud shots at the DJ console.

Bright pictures of the fun were also posted on the Instagram with the representative of Katja Osadchaya and sports woman Elina Svitolino.

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