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LG Display will significantly increase the output of OLED for large TV


The LG Display company cannot make a worthwhile competition for Samsung to produce small OLED smartphones, and the reduced demand for flagship models even threatens to lower revenues to the lowest possible level. But what LG Display is strong in is the output of OLED for large-format TV. The company decided to shift the focus from the release of large LCD panels to the production of OLED for large-scale television and wipe the nose of Samsung and many Chinese.

10G dimensions of glass substrate

10G dimensions of glass substrate

To implement this plan, the LG Display has changed the purpose of the two factories under construction at the construction stage. Instead of producing a large-format LCD, as originally planned, the P10 Gen 10.5 generation plant in South Korea (the substrate size is 2940 × 3370mm) and the 8.5g generation plant in Guangzhou (the substrate size is 2200 × 2500 mm) will be released by commissioning OLED. In addition, it was decided to expand the P10 plant in South Korea even before it was launched.

According to the LG Display website, an additional 3 trillion South Korean won will be invested in the P10 enterprise (about $ 2.6 billion). Earlier, this plant invested 1.84 trillion won (in 2015) and 2.8 trillion won (in 2017). The company will start producing products in the first half of 2022. The maximum capacity of the plant is 30,000 substrates of 10.5 g / month. After 15,000 substrates per month can be launched by the plant in the first half of 2023. The announced new investments are mainly planned to be spent on workshops to organize the processing of another 15 thousand substrates per month and for processing in vacuum with deposition. Of 30,000 substrates per month.

Experienced LG TV with a minimized OLED screen (in a minimized state)

Experienced LG TV with a collapsed OLED screen (in a collapsed state photo)

The 10.5g underlay is optimized for cutting to 65, 70 and 75 inch diagonal panels. In the first stage, LG Display plans to launch 65-inch OLED panels. In addition to classic TVs, the company expects to expand in new directions, releasing both wool-mounted OLED wallpapers and collapsing OLED-TVs.

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