Kolomoisky wants to leave Avakov and Lutsenko


The president of the Ukraine election, Vladimir Zelinky, does not reveal cards about future personnel appointments, he thinks he is intrigued and his team. But the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, with whom many associates the newly minted politician, has already named the names of the people he sees in key positions in the country.

Many noted the statements of Kolomoisky not as their own opinion, but as hints of the actual position of the future head of state. That is, the Olijark's media activity in recent weeks has been somewhat alarming. Read more about his "bets" on top positions in Ukraine – in the material Obozrevatel.

Kobolev – Prime

In an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Kolomoisky proposed the head of Naftogaz for the position of prime minister of a scandalous Andrei Koblenev.

"Kobolev is the prime minister, because he is a technical person who will fulfill the concept of world development." "It's not important for the past 15 years. Explains the oligarch.

According to him, Kobolev "A young guy who has everything ahead."

"He's not gonna escape from here. He also wants to be someone, he is a young guy, he did everything ahead, he also has new faces and so on, " Count Kolomoisky.

He also mentions the Naftogaz employee premiums of $ 46.3 million after the victory over Gazprom in arbitration. However, according to Kolomoisky, this is a well-deserved encouragement.

"This is a story of premiums, in which I think he is absolutely right … In general, he took a few pennies, saving 50-80 billion dollars for the country. So, no law firm would take even if 1 "$ 600 million. He took the twenty, spent on bonuses for the whole squad," said the Olympics.

Although the state audit office recognizes the payments illegal, the current Prime Minister Vladimir Grazman said about these excesses with premiums.

Bogdan – the head of the app

I. Kolomoisky called three candidates for the post of head of the presidential administration Co-founder of the "Neighborhood 95", Sergey Shefir's studio, Attorney Andrei Bogdan, and Zalensky headquarters ideologist, Ruslan Stananchuk's lawyer.

"There is somebody to choose from there, Shefir, Bogdan and Stedanchuk, I bet on Bogdan" Said Kolomoisky.

Andrey Bogdan Lawyer oligarch. For a long time he represented the interests of individuals from the Privatbank group.

In addition, he served as a government supplier for anti-corruption policy in the government of Mykola Azarov (2010-2014). And as a former official falls under lustration.

The fact that Bogdan is part of the Vladimir Zelinky squad, it was known before the first round of voting.

One of the leaders of the "neighborhood 95" studio, Sergey Shefir, who was among her main headquarters actors, Bogdan "Creative with a legal platform". Shefir believes that a lawyer is unlikely to improve the image of the president if he heads his administration.

Avakov Interior Minister

Igor Kolomoisky directly stated that the current head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov Need to leave this post.

"I think this is the most successful professional minister in the last 5 years, and the least scandalous, almost non-scandalous, and made a reform that somehow works" The oligarch said in an interview with "Bihus.info".

He called avakov "The only worthy minister in the current Cabinet of Ministers." And in one of the earlier interviews, he said he was fit for premiere work.

By the way, its team has already noted that the head of the Internal Affairs Ministry will remain in its position at least until the parliamentary elections.

Positive evaluated Kolomoisky and head of the NSDC Alexandra TurchinovaCall it a stabilizing factor in the country.

Lutsenko – head of the GPU

Although Zelenki, after winning the election, transparently hinted that he was releasing the head of the GPU, Yuri Lutsenko, Kolomoisky unexpectedly raised for the prosecutor general.

"After Zalensky declared that he needed to be cleaned, how could he leave it?" I will leave until the next Council for sure, " Said Kolomoisky.

Earlier, in an interview with Censor.net, Andrey Bogdan The same potential head of the AP and the oligarch lawyer Lutsenko called "a decent, good person who is in a very hostile atmosphere of the Prosecutor General Office, where information is distorted to incredible values."

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