Kiev neo-Nazis hold rally against marshrutchik for refusing transfer of "ATOshnikov" (PHOTO)

Today, on November 10, members of the neo-Nazi organization C14 have a rally at the city bus station on Demeyivka. Neo-Nazis accuse the marshrutchik of regularly refusing to transport "ATOshnikov".

A group of members C14 expects the bus station director from whom he intends to request an explanation.

Other neo-Nazis circled the Kiev-Moscow bus where they tried to communicate with drivers.

"There is a factory in the vicinity, which makes candy, our chief commander, he ordered there, but there is no order. There is a law on the social protection of participants" ATO ", it is not implemented," they say.

The participants of the campaign make the inscriptions on the walls with color, speak in the loudspeaker, switch to one slot machine and plan to walk around the beverages in the district.

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