In Kiev, the radicals have brought tires under the Ocean Plaza and have been decorated with a cryptic window: SEC closed


On Thursday, November 27, in Kiev under the designation of the Ocean Plaza shopping center, the representatives of nationalist organizations were formed. Active browsers have also been added to the trade show center and have been screened in the window.

There are about 50 people living in the shopping mall. Bachelor of Science – Organizations of Organizations About This Information The Informant Succeeds With Meetings.

Activists took car washes and put them in the mall in the mall. According to activists, they were seized under the trade center, after which they were the representatives of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the participants came to the shopping mall with the crust. In the meantime, the main entrance and the stencils have been described as "Hot Mosque Business", "Vlasnisce Rossi", "No Comfort in the Aušen Plaza".

On November 26, the trade unions in the center of the trade unveiled a smoke cube, and people were evacuated. Various actions against the Russian business in Ukraine have already occurred. July 6 in Kiev "smart" Mall Ocean Plaza. The members of the SOKOL SBI staff have resigned to the visitors of the trading center and sent their message to their landlords and visitors. On the stalks of "beauty", the red-haired "Writing Russians Business", "Stop Putin" and "Buy here? Kill the Ukrainians. "

This event could be linked to the Russian act of aggression against Ukraine on the Azov Sea. Украинские корабли открыли ответный огонь. In connection with the committees in Kiev, the settlement of the National Security and Defense Council has passed. And in the Russian Federation, activists asked activists to cut shins and locked the fireworks.

Vladlen Skachenko

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