Impregnable "Shakhtar", lost series "Lviv" and other intrigues of the 28th round of the Premier League – Premier League


Traditionally, the tour will be divided into matches of the first and second six. Three fights will be taken on Saturday, three more – on Sunday. If intrigue gradually dies in the top 6, then in the second half of the top it gets hotter. Victory "Chernomorets", "Arsenal-Kiev", the defeat of "Desna" – this allows you to look closely at the results of the second six, as each new round reduces the gap between the teams. Foot tree Talk about what to expect from the matches of the 28th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

Can Liviv score the first points in the second stage?

Until the end of the Ukraine Cup, it is unclear how many top six teams will be in the European Cup. If Ingulets do a miracle and win Shakhtar, he will go to the Europa League. If you lose, it will not fall. But the 5th place in the top will be European Cup.

At the moment, "Mariupol" is located on the 5th position in the standings. He has 36 points. In "Lviv", which closes the top six, only 30 points. Interestingly, "Lviv" is the only top 6 team that has not just won in the second stage, but also lost all 5 matches! That is, Lvov already have a five match series. Agree that this is a boost as for a team that climbs to European Cup. If it fails to take this time, the situation for Lvov will be very sad.

Is Zorah able to surprise Dynamo?

"Dynamo" in the 27th round played a "Alexandria" draw and is now ranked 9th. At the same time, the 13 points of the Vladimar Sharan team have been preserved, so the Kievans are not in a position to go down to 3rd place (unless they lose all five remaining games), but it is almost impossible to do so. Get to first position.

A meeting with "Zoria" is unlikely to be easier than with "Alexandria". Delete it to recover the last match between Luhansk and Kiev. "ZARIA" won 2-0, but managed to lose 2: 3. If Yuri Veridinba lost "Dynamo", then the "Alexandria" gap would remain at least, and would be 10 points. Play it for 4 rounds almost unreal. To maintain hope for bronze medals, you need to win or at least draw. Is Zoria ready to surprise Dynamo again, but this time for 90 minutes?

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Will Shaky Stay Impregnable For Alexandria?

After the 27th round, "Miner" has a very serious lead over Dynamo – 9 points. It may be possible to relax, but don't forget that "Alexandria" is able to take away points from the Kiev club and is quite capable of cutting at least for a draw in the match with the "miners". Of course, the loss of points won't be critical for the "miner" but Paulo Fonseca, for sure, wants to take the championship as soon as possible. Therefore, the strongest players will enter the pitch.

For Alexandria, this is a great opportunity to prepare for the future of Europe League. There, all teams will be plus or minus the level of "Dynamo" and "Miner". Is so lucky with lots. Therefore, it is important to be able to play strictly in defense and use your moments. As we remember, the "citizens" have their own problems. In the last match of the teams that played in Kharkov, "Miner" won, but "Alexandria" has devastating moments that she didn't use. Let's see if Vladimir Sharan succeeded in teaching his players how better to use 100% of their capabilities.

There is another interesting point in this pair. Even two. The fact is that "Alexandria" scores this time with all the teams, except for "miner". And this is the only club that didn't miss "Alexandria" goals. In general, "citizens" have a last chance, if not to take points, then at least score a goal for the miners.

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Will the Icelandic striker be able to pull Chernomorets from the bottom of the stands?

Both the Kiev-Arsenal and the Chernomorets won matches in the 27th round. Odessans beat "Desna" in Chernigov 4: 2, and the people of Kiev extracted three points in Lviv, in a duel with "carpathians". Bookmakers consider Arsenal-Kiev to be the favorite, and it is understandable. In the last five matches, the runners have 4 wins! This is more like the Dynamo! And in the previous in-person meeting, the Kyiv team won, winning 3: 1 in Odessa.

The "sailors" all hope for the Icelandic striker Arnie VillalmsonnWho scored three goals in the last two matches. If he continues to score in the same spirit, then the inhabitants of Odessa will have hope for salvation. The main thing was that the defense was more reliable.

Will the Desna stay in 7th place?

"Olympic" has just thought about how to stay in the top, and now only 7 points behind 7th place. And this is the male of not only the good game, "Olympic", but also the bad game, "Desna", which somehow "swam" after it could not win against Vorskla, leading 3-0. After that, the defeat of "Arsenal-Kiev" and "Chernomorets" followed. One point in the last three rounds – only sad for the second six. But the "Olympic" in the same three rounds scored 7 points. Therefore, we can safely say that the teams are in a different form.

In the previous three meetings this time, both teams won, lost and tied. So let's see if the win-win series "Olympic", consisting of four matches or "Desna" will start playing normally. If the Chernigov club does not win against the guests, and Worksla wins the match, it will be 7.

Will the changes in the "Carpathians" on the results of the club?

In the final match of the 28th round will meet "Vorskla" and "Carpathians". In general, the teams played three writings among themselves in the current season. First, Poltava won 1-0, and then won the "Carpathians". And both times with the same score – 4: 0. Of course, the situation in Vorskla is not the best, but it's more the most surprising for all of them in the last few rounds.

Now the next meeting with the "Carpathians". Hardly anyone thinks this time the Lviv club will be able to win 4: 0. Besides, there is generally some doubt about the fact that they can win or even play a draw. But the glasses "Carpath" very much needed. Now they are already three points behind 9th place, and if Arsenal-Kiev wins, then Lviv club may be 11th. Perhaps the recent changes will somehow "shake up" the "Carpathians."

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