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The CEO of Russia's post, Nikolay Podguzov, bought an expensive apartment in Moscow after selling two apartments in the capital. This was reported by the press service of the post of Russia, commenting on the insider's material about buying Podguzov.

As reported on January 18 edition, Podguzov bought apartments in the elite residential complex "Knightsbridge Private Park" on the Efremova Street in Moscow, which is 386 square meters. According to this edition, real estate bought in the mortgage for 30 years in the bank "VTB". According to calculations of the insider, based on the price per square meter indicated on the website Yandex.Realty, the market value of housing could exceed 1 billion rubles.

"This property was acquired in a mortgage and explained in the tax service in accordance with the requirements of Russia's legislation," the press service of Russian Post replied to a request from Vedomosti. The apartments are included in the income statement sent to the Ministry of Communications, the state-owned company said. The source of a significant part of the money for which the property was purchased, in addition to the mortgage, was sold two apartments in Moscow, the Russian post added.

Russia's head of state, in the prescribed manner, provides information on income and expenses, a representative of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, said Vedomosti. "Information about a specific object needs clarification. For 2018, the deadline for submitting information is April 30, 2019, "he said.

Podguzov headed the Russia Post in July 2017. After graduating from MGIMO in 2000, he began his civil service career in the Ministry of Finance, from 2003 to 2012, he worked in the Investment Bank Trust, Renaissance Capital, VTB Capital. In 2012, he became the deputy director of the Department of Economics and Finance of the Russian Government, and in 2013 he became Deputy Economic Development Director.

In 2017, Podguzov, being the deputy head of the Ministry of Economic Development, declared two apartments in his property: one – with an area of ​​61.5 square meters. M, the second – 162.2 square meters. M, as well as a share in an apartment of 92.8 square meters. His income then amounted to 8,863,000 rubles.

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