Estonian original revenge BMW car salon for poor quality cars


Estonian original revenge BMW car salon for poor quality cars


2 years of use of the car has broken into 54 kilometers 12 times

In 2016 the Estonian bought BMW in seven series and got a lot of money. When he paid 123 thousand euros, the guy bought a list of problems. The BMW showrooms sold an exhibition pattern that already had 12,000 kilometers. Since then, the new owner has been waiting for trouble.

After the next kilometer, something must have fallen, or it collapsed in the car: the wheel collapsed after 18 thousand kilometers, the digital instrument panel moved away 20 km, the engine moved 45 km away. In total, there were 12 injuries more than 54 km.

The owner told the Estonian Autogeenius edition that the insurance covered part of the waste, but every time the car broke up on the road, he had to call a taxi service more than 25 times. When the man frightened, he decided to return the misfortune on wheels for at least 85 thousand euros, but offered him only 67.5.

The man calculated the number of breakdowns in two years and called the car to the body, which says: "The price of the car is 122700 thousand euros, and that's what you get for this money." He also directly addressed the following complaint to BMW: "There must be 450 horsepower under the hood, but in reality it is just one – and it's hardly working."

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