Camilla wanted to break up with her husband because of the money: what is the cause of this conflict?


Camilla tells her she wants to leave her husband.

Singer Kamaliya is called "Ukrainian Cinderella" because of her marriage to businessman Mohammad Zahur. The star doesn't hide that there was a time when she wanted to let her choose one. This was told in the program "Star Way" on the channel "Ukraine".

In one of the corporate evenings, Kamaliya, who is already actively engaged in a solo career, met Oriental businessman Mohammad Zahur. And three months after the first meeting, in 2003 he became his wife. According to the singer, the beloved one who is three years older than you, was very afraid that he would not keep the pretty Ukrainian woman next to him. Therefore, his valuable gifts are saddledival.

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During the relationship, some of her friends wanted to get away from her billionaire husband.

"I don't want to talk about it. It was and was several times. One day I'll tell you. It seemed to me, it's still in the beginning of our relationship, he's with me. He just left. The money and the left, I say: why is this money that you bought with me? I felt like a thing, and I was excited and persuaded me for a long, long time, to justify and explain that This is all normal if a person has a wife, that is normal, "said Kamalia.

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For years, they say that Kamalia became famous because of her husband. The singer herself reacts to this as follows.

"Well, how to react. You won't throw a blanket on each rotok and you won't be able to go and explain to everyone how it was and how. But those who know me since the 90's and know how I started, they The truth will be: there were no Zakhurovs, not … I myself, "said the star.

When asked if her husband helped with her career and still helped, the following says:

"He helps somewhere, but he interferes with everything. My big mistake was to give it up. It was necessary to hide what I married in general and married to whom many artists hide.

Camily dreamed that her beloved was not like her father. But the girl's first relationship was unhappy. An influential man wanted to put a white dress on her.

"Well, yes, it was. Honestly, I don't like to remember this and don't want to, I forgot it like a bad dream. Because then I experienced a lot of stress. I ran right in the middle of the night With my bag spent the night in the bushes getting on the train in the morning, the servant of the hero who ran me at the time, well, I just fell in love with a man, I liked it too, but something was up Wrong with my head, because he said, "Until there is a stamp in the passport, he won't let me go. It was In the Crimea, "says the star.

The actress for a long time after that did not let the people down to her.

"This is a psychological trauma. And for a while, I can say that I was a feminist. People mean nothing to me in life," Kamalya says.

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