Alika Smekhova spent the weekend in Surgut. A photo

The 52-year-old actress went on a trip with a friend.

Alika Smekhova. Photo:

While some Russian celebrities are decorating their apartments and cottages for the New Year, others are actively traveling around the country. So, in the report of the artist Alika Smekhova, the photo selection made in Frosty Surgut. The actress explains that her friend persuaded her to introduce herself to the culture of local residents. Despite the low temperatures, Smekhova noticed the rather warm welcome of such people as the haunted.

Alika showed off her costumes in the national costumes of local residents as she rode reindeer and tasted northern cuisine.

Greetings from the tundra! “Kanti – local – hospitable – received them as if they were relatives,” Smekhova noted.

Alika also recorded a large number of stories during the trip. In the celebrity videos, you can see Smekhova flying over the snow-covered tundra. Then she rode on a sled pulled by dogs and deer. And finally, after all the active fun, the actress and her friend went to a local restaurant. There they ate a bowl of Northern Sterlet.

“An unforgettable adventure – fly through the carousel, watch stories and do not save on your likes,” Smekhova recommended to her fans.

It is also worth paying attention to the outfit of the artist. Alika prepared itself for the harsh conditions of the places. She chose a coffee-colored insulated bolognese jumpsuit. And the artist complemented the image with a knitted hat to match the suit and a bright checkered scarf.

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