Александрия – Динамо – 2: 1 текст Александрии Владимира Шарана


Volodymyr Sharan: "In the First Half of the Day" we have been riddled "

Grand Alexandria Grand Prix has commented on a thunderstorm over Kiev

Vladimir Sharan. Photo fco.com.ua

Vladimir Sharan. Photo fco.com.ua

Grand Alexandria Grand Prix has commented on a thunderstorm over Kiev

Громкая Victory "Alexandria" over "Dinamo" in the 16th match The champion of Ukraine became one of the most important successes of the club's chief club in the Kropivnicki region of Vladimir Sharon. After a match, "Alexandriya" was replaced by the second commander of the trials, the triumphalist of the journalists on the questions of the journalists.

"In the first half of the match, we had problems with the flanking rights, which led to the miraculous play of Mikonenko, and also Shaparenko, where we were shaking our heads.

But our physical preparation, which is in force for many years, is the foundation we have gloomy over and over for a long time in Bulgaria, showing that the team looks just fine, playing with "Dina".

Highly pressed, pressed, was intermingled, made a lot of mammoths to kill. It is worthwhile to give all players the opportunity to play the game and to make them happy. This is a very important and important thing for us.

The last year's victory over "Shahter" and the "Dinah" is a good word. After that, we would like to work further to get the job done.

Even so, the host would like to join all the clubs of the club – not so easy to get in the field. The weather could be said to play. "

Please comment on the game "Александрия" – "Динамо" и Alexander Khatskevich's grandfather: telling players about "Dinamo" After the matches matched by revisions and expenditures to Deniz Boyko.

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