World news is an impressive picture of a child whose parents intend to donate organs before removing life support devices


A father's child published a picture of his ten-year-old son who was in a hospital bed, the moments before removing life support tools.

Father Landen Lewis, a child who attempted to finish his life on Friday, intends to donate his organs to save the lives of other children.

"My wonderful, intelligent child had a wonderful spirit, helped everyone who needed help, wanted to remove the pain of all," said the mother of the child, Brittany.

"I did not know that he was three times in trouble, so the manager called me and told me that he had pulled him out of the class three times and he did not tell me why."

The parents of the parents believe that he was intimidated at his school, and this is what made him end his life. They found him in his room after attempting to get rid of his life and take him to the hospital.

"What happened to my child could be prevented. As parents we believe in a school that takes our child eight hours a day, in these eight hours the thinking of children should increase and increase," said the mother of the child.

"The school did not do this with my child, and I hope that no other child will go through what he has spent," she said.

This content is a powerful image of a child whose parents intend to donate their organs before removing life support devices. The original publisher is the news from the ladies.

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