Video of Kuwaiti Media Response to Faisal Al – Qasim and against Saudi Arabia on Air


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists have joined social media sites, a video clip to respond to Kuwai media, Ayd al-Manda on the Syrian media, Faisal Al-Kasim and set against Saudi Arabia.

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"Caesar received Tzipi Livni, Perse and athletes, ship and no?" Al-Manda said in his response to Al-Qasim during a program hosted by Al-Jazeera on the Qatari Island of Al-Jazeera. (Oman) is not important? .. "

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He said, "According to God, if his position (Obama) is the attitude of Saudi Arabia to verify the minimum and not sit. The US president says he wants, but this does not mean that dictatorships to Saudi Arabia What he wants, the US president if Jordan said or said Egypt, a ring on this subject .. "

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