Van LaForta plans to run for Barcelona again


Former Barcelona President Juan LaPorta said on Tuesday he plans to re-run for the Catalan team in the 2021 election.

"I'm planning to return, but I have not yet made my decision," LaForta said a conference in Beijing organized by the US. It. Chamber of Commerce in China.

"They are leaving the team on the verge of bankruptcy," he said in response to a question about his views of Barcelona's current administration, led by José Bartomio, who had been struck by the 2015 election.

They do not like transit and need to improve this issue, "said LaPorta.

"The level of salaries and incomes is very high, they leave the club on the verge of bankruptcy and it is very dangerous," said the former president.

"They run the club through opinion polls and in my opinion they do not have a clear example of club management," LaRporta said.

The former president criticized the management of the team in terms of deals, some of which were described as "ridiculous and unnecessary investments," as well as the development of players through the youth sector.

LaForta stressed the need to "restructure the academy (La Macia) to produce players that could be starred in the future."

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