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UAE wins seat on the IFJJ Executive Committee


The UAE has achieved a new International Level Journalism achievement through the success of the Association of Journalists in winning a seat on the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists.

Mohammed Al Hammadi, president of the Association of Journalists, won the Standard Member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Executive Committee, which was held during the 30th International Conference of Journalists in Tunis. Is held from June 11-14.

The International Journalists' Federation (IFJ), the world's largest organization for journalists, represents more than 600,000 journalists from 120 countries and was founded in 1926 to assist journalists and improve their skills. To promote the freedom of the press and to support local press organizations, and to maintain all forms of discrimination and to compete with the use of the media to promote fanaticism, intolerance and conflict.

Mohammed Al Hammadi, chairman of the Association of the Association, said that the UAE's victory in the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists is our goal in cooperation with our Arab and African brothers and members of the International Federation. Journalists benefit from journalists, enriching their expertise and knowing about federal programs, activities and events. As a result of unlimited support in the state and journalists. "
He said that the next period will be witness to intensive cooperation to establish a clear agenda for the journalists' training, focusing on upgrading the skills of young journalists in the first place and informing journalists of the main development in the media, especially Digital media, bearing in mind the accuracy and credibility of transmitting information to the public. .

"My colleague, Younis Mujahid, the first Arab and African journalist, has been successful in Arab-based journalists and reflects the world-wide confidence in the Arab press at the regional level."

The presidential elections are held on the sidelines of the International International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) International Conference, held in Tunis in cooperation with the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) and the presence of trade unions, associations and press Unions.

Al-Hammadi said: "The results of coordination among the Arab and African groups of the members of the Union have had a decisive effect, as college juniors hit Muhammad's Canadian rival by sweeping." The African Arab candidate has 200 votes, compared to 110 for the opposing team.

In the first session in an Arab country, the International Federation Congress discussed the future of digital age journalism, trade union practices around the world, the future of digital age journalism, and trade union practices in the region and the world.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) endorses its policy at the General Conference (International Congress of Journalists), which mums every three years. The Brussels-based Secretariat of the Union goes ahead with the implementation of these action programs, under the guidance of the elected Executive Committee.

The association participated in a delegation conference hosted by Mohamed al Hammadi, chairman of the board of directors of the association, and the membership of Mustafa Zarvon and Omran Mohammed, as board members.


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