UAE is overloaded with a lack of encryption of the league


Saeed Al Hareb, Secretary General of the Sports Council in Dubai, said that the decision of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the UAE, should be protected by God to cancel the encryption of league games, confirms the interest of leadership and sport, and wishes to achieve a wider range, through our channels of open space sports.

At the same time, Mai Ahmed Sultan Al Jaber, a member of the National Olympic Committee's Executive Office and a member of the board of the Women's Sports Academy, Fatima Bint Mubarak, stressed that this decision has several positive aspects, as it is the title of generosity and humanity of management, while strengthening support presence in sports fields, Or the presence of the public, because sports culture in open homes will find its place in homes.

Al-Badawawi said: "The ultimate decision will contribute to the re-launching of the sport and the marketing of Emirates Unlimited to our role at the Gulf, Arab and international levels." Al-Badawawi said that the decision, which was led by Hatta Club CEO Ali Mohammed Obaid Al-Badawi,

He added Al-Badawi«Sports Statement»The decision translates thoughtful thinking and the vision of its highness, the president of the UAE, to promote sport in general in the United States and especially football, as encryption has prevented a wide range of public and sports streets to enjoy watching football in the UAE.

Happiness on the east coast
"We hope this will be reflected in the development of our local card, which will be more closely monitored inside and out of the codecision decision, which in recent years has severely restrained the development of our roles, and I believe that Discover a new impetus for our applications.

Monitoring and Coexistence
Emirates President Mahmoud Hassan Al Shamsi also praised the decision of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Nations Higher Education Commission, to cancel the encryption of the league matches of the Arab League, adding that the decision would increase the value of watching matches and increase the number of observers inside and outside countries.

He added: "We must take into account the appropriate way of using the decision to improve the development process with several mechanisms, in addition to the interest in marketing aspects and the search for suitable opportunities for activating mass programs, and we at the Emirates Club, in which we work together with all the data that lead to the development The league championship Based on its sporting role, which is consistent with the goals of the club.

New Age
Major General dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Risi, President of the Bani Yas Club, described the decision as a new era for the Gulf Cooperation Council and contributes to its development and promotion. "The decision came in a very convenient time, because we are still at the beginning of the football season and offer a great opportunity for all fans and football fans to follow the competition both within and outside the country.

Halifa Al-Jarmin, chairman of the Ajman club and member of the governing board of the football federation, expressed great satisfaction that the decision of his high-ranking head, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the UAE, said he would cancel the encryption of matches. People were having difficulty watching and watching games, whether guests were at the hospital, the elderly or those who were outside the country, and friends and relatives of foreign experts from different countries. This historic decision has created a fast solution for all these segments.

Saeed Hamoud Al-Mehrazi, President of the Masafi Club, then stated that the fans of the amateur league had suffered very much in the past years because of the encryption of Dorena, who emphasized that the decision to cancel the snowfall of every individual and will try to follow up and enjoy the League.

Waleed Al Hosani, executive director of the Professional Leaf Board, said that his decision-maker, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, chairman of the UAE, was the happiest of our fans inside and outside the UAE, and stressed that it would open the way for more people, to cooperate with committee competitions.

"Based on this decision, Dubai Sports Channels will rearrange their documents and strengthen programs that will serve the bulk of subscribers," said Abdurrahman Amin, general manager of sports channels in Dubai. "Coding has taken a lot of attention to a large segment of world's followers, so we've been following our roles in recent years. The past has affected the popularity of competition and its global promotion.

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