There are no big differences … and warn the volcano's head


01:06 p May 11, 2019

Books – Mohammad Hammam:

The president of Zamalek Club said rumors of differences with Swiss coaches were unfounded, stressing that his relationship with the Swiss coach was great.

"The relationship between me and Gros is fantastic, there's nothing to do with laughter, is a respectable coach," President Salam said in a statement on the early hours of Saturday in the television.

"What the Moroccan club president is doing is unacceptable. The relationship between us is not a relationship between two clubs, but between two countries," he said.

"What happened to the Tunisian team XSAXAX is inappropriate, and this is not moral to Moroccan when the alarm was closed at 5:00 to influence the Tunisian team".

Zamalek was set to play their first match against Nahdt Al-Barracan in the final leg of the Confederation Cup in Morocco on January 19. The match will be played in Egypt on May 26th.

Zamalek qualified for the CAF Confederation Cup final for the first time in their history after beating ES Sahel (1-0) with a total of two matches.

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