The genuine initiative for human rights calls for an end to violence against women


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The Geneva Center for Human Rights and Global Dialogue says his commitment to initiatives that highlight women's rights and the issue of gender equality in the Arab region and around the world.

In an explanation of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Nov. 25, the Center stressed the need to end all forms of violence against women and to achieve immediate indifference to the Arab region and the world.

He said Hassan El Kassim, President of the Center, praised the achievements made by the UAE in empowering women and enhancing their role in the development process.

The statement said UN. Secretary-General of Antonio Guterres' s judgment against women as "a stigma in all our society" as it is still estimated that 30 percent of women in the world are subjected to sexual or physical violence, including violence in their lives.

He called the elimination of the discriminatory laws that could impinge on perpetrators of violence against women in the Arab world.

Conflicts and humanitarian crises paved the way for serious forms of violence against women and were aimed at disrupting the social fabric and thus destabilizing conflict societies. In Syria and Iraq, harassment and other forms of sexual violence as weapons of war were thrown. Victims of such forms of sexual abuse have long-term negative psychological and social effects as well as social marginalization.

He noted that the UN Security Council Resolution 1820 of June 19, 2008 provides all forms of sexual violence and rape targeting women, which could amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity or actions that constitute genocide.

The Center called the full political content of women throughout the world and in the Arab region in particular and for the purpose of challenging measures to introduce no deliberate attempts to execute women's leadership positions through the use of violence and intimidation.

He urged Arab governments to implement all the challenges that prevent the full implementation of Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Plan on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment, Noting that Arab countries must support the positive momentum in the region with the Status of women.

Women's promotions and the prospect of gender equality are the foundations of a comprehensive and harmonious society, and the decision makers must continue their commitment to concrete measures to eliminate discrimination against violence, and to remove barriers to empowerment Of women.

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