The direction of the "management" of real estate and banks increases inventories


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Domestic stocks earned a good weekly profit, thanks to foreign purchases focusing on leading stocks of real estate and banks, alongside other stocks, led by a market index in Dubai, rose by 0.74% a week, while Abu Dhabi accounted for 2.2% .
The Abu Dhabi index reached 3.74%, Aldar 2.26%, Etisalat 0.58%. In Dubai, Arabtec increased by 14.15%, Dubai Islamic gained 1.13%.
The weekly liquidity amounted to 1.77 billion AED, of which 1.07 billion AED in Dubai, Abu Dhabi accounted for 701.2 million euros and shares had 1.07 billion shares, divided with 763.07 million shares in Dubai and 305.4 million shares in Abu Dhabi. By implementing 17.3 thousand transactions.
Abu Dhabi First was the largest stock market in the Abu Dhabi market of 200.8 million AED and ended at AED 14.42. Arabtec was the largest stock market in the Dubai market at 184.34 million AED, ending at AED 2.34.
Arab and foreign investors were buying with a net investment of 105.3 million AED, of which 103.8 million AED from foreign buyers, and 1.5 million AED from Arabic purchases.
Non-Arab foreign investors focused their weekly purchases on Aldar Properties, Damac, ADNOC Distribution, Etisalat and GFH.
In more detail, the financial market index in Dubai increased by 0.74% to 2825.86 points, supported by real estate shares, investment and transport companies, despite a downturn in banks.
The real estate sector increased by 1.2%, after Arabtec increased by 14.15%, Damac increased by 5.97%, Emaar Properties increased by 1.6%, while Emaar Properties increased by 6.67%, although Emaar Properties fell by 1.3%.
The investment sector increased by 1.5%, with Dubai Investment 1.24% and the Dubai financial market 2.25%.
The transport sector gained 3.87%, Aramex increased by 5.54%, Air Arabia increased by 1.98% and on the Gulf Navigation line 2.75%.
On the other hand, the banking sector fell by 0.25%, Emirates NBD fell by 1.62%, Dubai Bank of Dubai lost 1.13%.
The Abu Dhabi Securities Index increased by 2.2% to 5028.74 points, with shares of banks, real estate, investment, telecommunications, insurance, industry, goods and services.
The banking sector rose by 3%, led by Abu Dhabi First obtained 3.74% and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 0.58%.
The real estate sector gained 2.31%, contributed by Aldar (2.26%) and Ashraq (3.8%). The telecommunications sector reached 0.58%, the same as that of Etisalat.
On the other hand, the energy sector decreased by 0.3%, and under the influence of the Day of Gas it was 2.61%, but TAQA was the worst performer, which increased by 4.72% and the distribution of ADNOC by 2.16 %.
As for the weekly trading on the Dubai market, Arabtec's largest share of 184.34 million dirhams was closed with 2.34 dirhams, followed by "Emaar Properties" and 147 million trading dirhams, closing 5.2 dirhams, third place "GFH" with a liquidity of AED 141.5 million and 0.78% closed at AED 1.27.
Abu Dhabi First was the largest stock market in Abu Dhabi, reaching 200.8 million AED and ending at AED 14.42. She was followed by TAQA with AED 120.3 million AED and AED 1.12 was completed. Etisalat is the third with 110 million AED, and closed at 17.36 dirhams.
The largest profit on the capital market reached Commercial International Bank by 15%, to AED 0.71, followed by "IADI", 11.11% to AED70 and "Abu Dhabi National Insurance", which is 10% more than AED 3 , 85.
On the other hand, Umm Al Quwain's biggest defeat, the biggest loser of 9% on AED 0.91, followed by Cement Bay, which fell by 8.51% to AED 0.86, followed by Emirates Driving Co, which is 4 , 48% less. Closing at AED 6.4.
Gulfa increased by 73.97% in one week in Dubai and closed to 5.08 AED, followed by international financial advisers, increased by 30.63% and closed to 0.42 AED, and then Arabtec increased by 14.15%.
On the other hand, Amanat was the biggest defeater, which fell by 5.98% to AED1.1, followed by Commercial Bank Khaleji, which fell by 5.49% to AED0.76, followed by Ithmaar Holding, which 0.35 closed 3.36%. AED.
On the other hand, the UAE and foreign investors were inclined to purchase with a net investment of 105.3 million AEDs, of which 103.8 million AED were foreign buyers, and AED 1.5 million were Arabians. By contrast, GCC investors and citizens sell with a net investment of 105.3 million AED, including the sale of 9.94 million AED and the sale of 95.3 million AED.
On the Dubai market, Arab investors were net buyers with a net investment of 6.7 million AEDs. By contrast, GCC and foreign investors and citizens were liquidated with a net investment of 6.7 million AEDs, of which sales amounted to 5.6 million AEDs and sales of AED 673,000 Sales of foreigners and sold 351,000 gulf discharges.
In the Abu Dhab market, foreign investors bought only 104.5 million AED, while the Arab, GCC and local investors were liquidated with a net investment of 104.5 million AED, of which 89.7 million AED from the sale of citizens and 9.6 million dirhams from selling the bay and 5.2 million dirhams from Arab sales.
Non-Arab foreign investors focused their weekly purchases on Aldar Properties, Damac, ADNOC Distribution, Etisalat and GFH, while their sales focused on the shares of Dxp, Deyaar, Arabtec and Union Properties.
As for investment portfolios in the Dubai market, they are sold with a net investment of 26.5 million AED, while net buyers with net investment of 26.5 million AED.

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