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Saudi Arabia warns of "very strong reaction" if Iran closes the Strait of Hormones


Adele al-Joboire said it was absurd to imagine each party trying to drag superpowers to war with Iran.

Al-Jobir warned that "If Iran closes the straw of hormones, it will trigger a very, very strong reaction"He added:" The international community has decided to address Iran's aggressive performance, "as the recent upswing has seen in recent weeks," Al Arabiya said.

"We need to reschedule the region, but we can't do it at a time when you do a lot of harm," Al-Yubir told reporters in London.

Four oil tankers off the UAE coast of Fujairah and two in the Gulf of Oman have been attacked in two separate incidents. Iran has been charged with attacks.

The Secretary of State requested "to change her aggressive conduct and to cease support for terrorism," and to withdraw a state-of-the-art state, as he said.

"There are enough evidence that Iran is behind the recent attacks on oil tankers," Al-Jubair said.

The alarm of a Iranian and United States concession arose since, at the time, on two tankers near the Strait of Armstrong Thursday, Washington has accused Iran.

Whilst denying participation in the attack on oil tankers last week and May, the attacks battled relations worsened, following the decision of the US Army to back down an international nuclear deal with Iran.

Since the withdrawal, Trump has renewed and expanded. There. Sanctions, forcing countries around the world to boycott Iranian oil or face sanctions.

The ISNA New Agency quotes Iranian chief chef Mohammad Bakery as saying that his land is "ready to protect the Straight if other parties try to deal with it," as he said.

"If you can't export it to the Strait, certainly not," he told the police force's sideline of the 23rd meeting of the leaders.

He argued that his country "did not intend to shut down this straw now, but it could do so if it were to be forced to fight against enemies. He referred to the United States of America, adding that the Army was ready to do so." Every decision on the doorway shut down by the Irish authorities if the conduct ends the enemies. "

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