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Re: Birds of Paradise Channel 2019 After the change now put Toyor Aljanah Baby hd now


Mothers seek out the channel birds' paradise 2019 after the change, because the nest is one of the strongest and most important channels of the world of children in an interesting and wonderful way, and this channel offers many programs and paragraphs of distinctive music And the search for the canal is increasing because the channel offers unique and unique content, so you should get a channel frequency signal. Baby Birds Now.

As for the Bibi Bird Channel programs, Many of the favorite children's programs and clips are presented at the same time to provide children with special goals and values. Examples of these videos are: Ghazlan Clip, Clip Eide, Kleib Alwan, Clip Hamido,.

Birds of Paradise Channel 2019 frequency after the change

The channel of Birds of Paradise seeks attention to the child and his nature, therefore, many programs that help develop the child's mind and awareness, teach him many behaviors and teach him the many values ​​and ethics he needs. Learn and characterize. In this channel, without interruption or confusion of what the child is watching, where the movies are presented with animation and distinctiveness, it seeks to enrich the child's idea and language dramatically, and therefore the frequency of the birds must be adjusted. Once upon a time it has been changed by the distance and the middle and the introduction of the new frequency with Iz Wei.

Birds of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise channel offers many distinctive programs.

  • The program is a competitive program between the ages of five and four.
  • The Shams program isn't gone: the program presents interesting stories from stories or stories that were told to advise children.
  • AloTot: A two-child connection program through which several stories are told.

Features of birds of people

The Birds of Paradise channel is characterized by its interest in children through the introduction of multiple programs that seek to develop the child's understanding, as well as discovering talent, learning values ​​and good morals and keeping away from bad qualities.

FrequencyThe MoonFEC
11315 (v)NileSat3/4
11392 (v)NileSat3/4
11258 (t)NileSat3/4
11785 (v)NileSat3/4
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