Ramadan brings Sad to his father Bashir


Moroccan artist Bashir Abdu gave a special tribute to his audience on the occasion of Ramadan, from the French capital Paris.

Al-Bashir sends a picture of him to his website, revealing his present in the French home. He is likely to visit his son Sadd on the occasion of Ramadan, yet he cannot return to Morocco because of his crisis in France.

Moroccan pop star to land Moroccan, in order to spend the month of Ramadan with his family, especially after his new development, to find that his mother only suspended the picnic Rocky, in a Explanation for "Sultana" basics and muff-free.

It is noteworthy that Sad was committed to French authorities to deposit their passport, after his temporary pleasure, was also prevented from leaving the French soil and confirming that, to appear in front of the nearest police station once a week.

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