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The former Zamalek coach is close to Al Ahly

According to press reports, the former Portuguese national trailer Gisualdo Ferriya was in serious negotiations with the Egyptian club Al-Ali to take charge of the team.


Former Zalalek defender celebrates Esperance win over Ahly

Former Zamalek defender Amr Sofiti has admitted he is encouraging Esperance at the expense of Al Ahly at the African Champions League final.


Preservation of the peak. 5 Risk threatening Zamalek trip in the Egyptian League

Zamalek is looking forward to surprise the top spot in the Egyptian Premier League, taking advantage of their six successive victories, starting with Arab contractors, passing through Tigris Valley, then the military production, the border guards, the interior and finally the Goona .


Mido reveals one of the Secrets of Zamalek in his current time

Ahmed Hosoussam "Mido", the star of Zamalek and his former coach, revealed a secret in the success of Zamalek in winning the top of the Egyptian League and keeping it until now, to reach the age of 16 of the competition.


Details of the special session between Gros and Casongo in Zamalec

Swiss Christian grass held a separate session with the Congolese captain Kabongo Kasongo on the sidelines of the Oren, and gave him some special instructions in the game and develop some things in the upcoming games.


Reports: A Memorandum to lift the immunity of the Zamalek President

Press releases issued Tuesday morning on the Progress of Attorney General Nabil Sadik a memorandum to the House of Representatives requiring the lifting of the immunity of the Chairman of the Board of Zamalek.


Elouna gives Zamalek a missing number since 10 rounds in the Egyptian League

Zamalek has been removed since the sixth round of the Egyptian Premier League, beating El-Goona 3-0 on Monday evening.


Former Zalalec Star: I am encouraging Esperance against Ahly

Zamalek defender Amr al-Sofiti admitted his support for Esperanto in the 2018 African Champions League final.


African Union Announces Zamalek List of Confederation

The African Football Confederation (CAF) announced the list of the Zamalek football team to participate in the 2015 African Confederation Cup


Zamalek doctor clarifies injury from Tarek Hamed

Mohamed Osama, the doctor of Zamalek team, revealed the injury of Tarek Hamed, the midfielder.

"Tarik Hamid suffered a severe bruising in the thigh muscle," Osama said in a press statement.


Jessica gives Zamalek Zamalek a negative number

Zamalek goalkeeper Mahmoud Abdel Rahim continues to provide good levels for his team to face a penalty in Al-Obeid's 3-0 win over Al-Goouna in the 16th week of the Egyptian League.


Zamalek beat El Gouna 3-0

Zamalek won a 3-0 win over Al Guna in the 16th week of the Egyptian Premier League.


A negative number for the first half of the League!

The Zamalek team managed to win a game only once, when they did not score a goal – at least – in the first half.


Mido reveals the difference between the line Ahli and Zamalek

Ahmed Hosoussam, Mido, Star of Zamalek, and his former coach, talking about the importance of playing specific players in the middle of the stadium in Alley and Zamalek clubs.


Find out about Zamalek and El Gouna results with Noordin's Whistle

The main reputation of the Egyptian Football Federation's announcement of the match between Zamalek and Elona, ​​which will be held at the Priorosport Stadium in the 16th round of the Egyptian League.


What has the Goanera coached 180 minutes to Zamalek?

Al-Goona team headed by Zasharia Zacharia will host Zamalek at the Priorosport Stadium in the 16th round of the Egyptian League.


Before the match Zamalek and the Goona .. Star Star her first club

The first football team in Zamalek will meet Al-Goona at the Priorosport Stadium in the 16th round of the Egyptian League competition.


4 match to release Zamalek's fate of the competition for the League

Many fans of the Egyptian Premier League have agreed on the season that Zamalek was the leader of the standings in a fast pace in the title race this season.

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A wonderful Paradox for Zamalek in the Egyptian League

The first team in Zamalek is entering a new test in the Egyptian League when they host Al Gouna at the PriorySport Stadium in the 16th round of the competition.


5 scenes from the meetings of Zamalek and El Goona. Video

Zamalek will host Al-Goona's home in the Petropuerto march on Tuesday evening in a match in the 16th week of the Egyptian Premier League.


Zamalek vs El Gouna: Numbers and facts before the confrontation

The first football team in Zamalek will host Al-Goona at Petrosport in the 16th round of the Egyptian Premier League.


Alily contract prevents Zamalek deal deal!

Zamalek's board of directors has failed to win Ghana striker John Antoine, the Ghanaian strike to the Egyptian team.


Zamalek announce the team list to the Gouna

Zamalek Coach Christian Grass has announced a list of players who will enter a competition camp to prepare for the Egyptian League.


Refaat decides his fate with Zamaleek

Ahmad Refaat, right wing of the first team of Zamalek Club, will decide his fate with the club on Sunday by a meeting with Prince Morthada, the club's general supervisor.


A medical examination of the Zamalek striker before you meet Al Gooo

Samalda Alaa, defender of Zamalec's first team, has passed a medical test on the sidelines of his team's training after complaining of injury in the last few days.

The light will determine the fate of the player to participate in the meeting of the Goona or not, where the player has suffered a muscle tension in the game of the interior, you should switch white two goals to a target.


Zamalek clarifies the fact that the FIFA term has expired in the crisis of its former player .. Document

Zamalek has made it clear that FIFA's decision to put penalties on the club by the end of December 30 will be the case if Cameron's Alexis Mundomo is not paid.


The competitions committee financed Zamalek and the Interior and offered thanks for electrifying
The Egyptian competition committee decided to impose a fine of £ 40,000 on the Zamalek Club, as the result of the nature of non-athletes to the Technical and Administrative Staff of the Interior during the meeting of the two teams together in the round 15 of the Premier League competition.
The committee has shown the white club to play an audience in case of remorse. The committee also imposed a fine of £ 10,000 on Zamalek players for non-sporting behavior during the match.
Zamalek decide a goalkeeper goalkeeper goalkeeper
Zamalek board of directors has resolved the controversy around the departure of Emad El Sayde, goalkeeper of the first football team.
Al-Zamalek expressed his complete rejection of the goalkeeper's expense, stressing his commitment to the services and rejecting all the offers he received recently.
How to solve waloek defensive crisis before meeting El Gooo?
Zamalek coach Hamdan Al-Nakaz and Hamoudi Al-Ataki, the defending midfielder, will be the center of defense in Al-Goona.
MIDO: I love Ahly despite Zamalecawi
Ahmed Hossam Mido, former Zamalek Star and Egyptian football, was happy to praise Mahmoud El Khatib, Chairman of the All-Inclusive Club, and express his love for him.
4 Zamalekavi in ​​Pyramids vs. Backy .. See details
Zamalek's board of directors is looking for an exchange deal during the upcoming transfer window to secure the services of former defender and former defender Pamoula.
Maran Zamalek .. Ahadad in training and alae continue to humiliate
Maran witnessed the first football team at the Salalek Club performance of Mahmoud Alaa, the defender of training training, on the sidelines of the team Miran Club Stadium.
Al Gouna explains the fact of his application to the presence of Zamalek fans
Al-Goona officials confirmed that there is no objection from the presence of Zamalek fans in the next game between the two teams stimmed for tomorrow, Monday, in the framework of the Round 16 of the Premier League at the Priorosport Stadium.

The return of the alien trio to Zamalec before Al Gouna

Swiss coach Christian grass, coach of Zamalec's first team, settled on the return of foreign trio Hamdi al-Nakaz, Fergani Sassi and Kabongo Kasongo to pass the team in the next game against Al Gouna.


Zamalek midfielder is just steps away from Smokha

Mahmoud Daoaga, midfielder of Zamalek's first team, moved to Smokha on loan during the January transfer window.


Zamalek appoints Ayman Hafez as general coordinator of the club

According to reports from Zamalek's report, Ayman Hafez will take over the post of General Coordinator in Zamalek in the coming season.

He had previously decided on the position of head of the administrative body in the past season and took the position of the beach soccer team in the wake of his White Castle departure.


Zamalek agree to request "Obama"

Zamalek's board of directors has approved the request of Youssef Obama, the club's playmaker, for his financial satisfaction.

Obama offers an exceptional time for the White Team at this time, where he was remarkably impressive since the beginning of the season.


Learn about the latest developments in the crisis crisis and the decline of points in Zamalec

The International Sports Court has awarded Al-Qas a new term for Zamalek to pay late payments to its former players.

According to press reports that the Court of Sports has given talents to Zamalek until January 30th to pay the dough of the Duo Mundomo and Aeguou Star of the former football team.


Straight penalty for Zamalek

Zamalek's Board of Directors, led by Swiss Christian Gross, was fined 100,000 pounds on Youssef Ibrahim Obama for the match.

In the final minutes of the match, which saw Zamalek win 2-1 in the second seconds, Obama clashed with an interior defender in an improper manner, prompting the Zamalek administration to the decision disciplinary.


Tunisian anger against Zamalek duo

Tunisian media reported that there is a state of anger at the level of the public, or at the level of the technical staff of the Caractage Eagles of the lack of commitment to some of the players "technical", including the Duo of Egyptian Hamdi Al-Naza's right-back and Midfield compensation sassy.

Tunker Mher El-Kazari is harshly critical of the duo and sassy, ​​because they did not have a respectable Morocco-friendly match, which was attached to Atlas Lions with no response.


The secret did not replace Zamalek defender in front of the interior

Mohamed Osama, the doctor of Zamalek, revealed the secret of the completion of defender Mahmoud Alaa, the home game held on Thursday evening and ended with a 2-1 win.

Alaa was struck in the last 10 minutes by a muscle strain that fell on him and went out of the line, while his Swiss coach Christian grass was preparing for the third and final switch represented by Mustafa Fathi.


The first statement of the interior coach after the fact that Zamalek match

Alaa Abdel-Aal, the inland manager, spoke out of his clash with the fans of Zamaleek. One of the fans has a bottle in his head, but he provoked the white push by raising a red shirt.

Zamalek has a solid 2-0 home win over the interior, snatching 3 points in a thrilling match.


Red shirt chasing Zamalek fans again .. video

Allah Abdel-Aal, the director of the interior, repeated a scene earlier by Hossam Hassan, the former manager of Al-Masri Al-Borceidi, and current Pyramids against Zamalek fans.

Abdel Aal, after receiving a late goal in the moments of Zamalec, to win the White 2-1, pointing to the white fans present in the Priorosport Stadium, raising the red shirt in response to fuss against him, before the interior coach received a Bottle of Zamalek stands in the head.


Electra saves Zamaleek from the trap of income

Zamalek Striker Mahmoud Abdel Moneim scored two goals to lead his team to a 2-0 win over the interior in the 15th week of the Egyptian League.

Zamalek played a mid-level or maybe even lower game, but benefited from the physical disadvantage of his rival to score a heavy-fought victory.


Zamalek Star closes the portfolio of death threats

Mohammed Ibrahim, the head of the football team of Zamalek Club, closed the team's team and decided to continue as a member of the team.

Ibrahim was studying for Zamalek in the upcoming winter transfer time, not enough sooner to participate in official matches with the team.


What did the coach offer in 13 games against Zamalek?

Al-Ittihad Career Alla Abdel-Al will take a strong test against Zamalek at the Petrosport Stadium in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Zamalek occupies the top spot with 26 points, while the interior occupies nineth place with 16 points.


What did Zamalek with Al-Hanifi whistle in a single match?

Zamalek will be on a new date with Refuge Mohamed El Hanphi, who plays Thursday evening in front of the interior.

Zamalek and Interior will meet at 7:00 on Thursday, in the 15th week of the League.


Zamalek vs Interior: Numbers and Facts before the showdown

Zamalek host their home match at the Priorosport Stadium in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Zamalek has the advantage of face-to-face encounters in the previous games.


The creation of the referee match Zamalek and the Interior

Zamalek host their home match at the Priorosport Stadium in the 15th round of the Premier League.

The main affiliate of the Egyptian Football Federation chose shadame Mohamed Honifi to lead the match and was assisted by Tahana Abu Al-Sadad, Ahmad Tawfic Taleb, Mohammed Alaa, and Saeed Hamza and Mohammed Yousif.


Learn about Zamalek's expected formation in front of the interior

Zamalek hosted their home team this evening at the Priorosport Stadium in the 15th round of the Egyptian League.

Zamalek is expected to start the match with Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh, Mahmoud Alaa, Hazem Emam, Mohamed Abdel Salam, Abdullah Gomaa, Tarek Hamed, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Kherba, Ibrahim Hassan, Youssef Obama and Omar El Said.


Find out about Zamalek's list of internal matches

Cristian Gross, coach of the first team of Zamalek football team, announced that the team will face the Interior, Thursday evening, the competition of the 15th Round of the Egyptian Premier League 2018-2019.

Gross, Trio Casongo, Fergani Sacy and Hamdi Al-Nakaz are excluded from the team's list for tomorrow's match.


Zamalek striker on the threshold of Semouha

Boss Bassem Morsi, a loser of Zamalek, who returned from a short professional trip to the Greek League, on the threshold of Semouha during winter transport in January.

The consensus crisis was associated with the name of Morsy from returning to the yuan to complete his career with Larissa's Greek team, while Zamalek officials refused to return to the team in winter transport.


First Zamalek Star: League Table Trial

מאָהאַמעד אַבולע-אַלאַ, די ערשטע זאַמאַלעק שטערן, זעט די קראַנט סטאַנציע פון ​​מצרים ליגע ווי פאַרפירעריש און טוט נישט פאַרטראַכטנ די פאַקט פון פאַרמעסט אין די פאַרמעסט.

Zamalek פירן די סטאַנדינגז מיט 26 פונקטן, 3 ווייזט הינטער מצרים, וואס האָבן געשפילט דרייַ מער גאַמעס, אָבער די סטאַנדאַרדס פון די טשאַמפּיאָנס, וואָס האָבן געשפילט בלויז זעקס גאַמעס, האָבן בלויז 11 פונקטן.


געפֿינען זיך וועגן די על-ווענסש פאַרטרעטער אין זאַמאַלעק איידער די ינטעריאָר

זאַמאַלעק קאָוטש קריסטיאַן גראָז האט מסכים צו שטופּן מאָהאַממעד אַבדול סאַלאַם אין דעם צענטער פון דער פאַרטיידיקונג בעשאַס די פּנים-אַוועק אויף דאנערשטאג.

Zamalek פּנים די היים מאַנשאַפֿט אויף דאנערשטאג נאַכט אין די 15 קייַלעכיק פון די עגיפּטיאַן פּרעמיער ליגע.


געפינען אויס וועגן זאַמאַלעק ס אַוועק אין פראָנט פון די ינטעריאָר

דער אַוועק פון פינף פּלייַערס פון זאַמאַלעק בעשאַס דער ווייַטער גלייַכן קעגן די ינטעריאָר אויף דאנערשטאג.

Zamalek זענען אין די 15 וואָך פון די פּרעמיער ליגע.


Zamalek coach: מיר וויסן ווי צו האַנדלען מיט די דרוק פון שוועבעלעך

שווייצער קאָוטש קריסטלעך גראָז גערעדט וועגן די קומענדיק צייַט און די טשאַלאַנדזשיז פאָרויס פון די מאַנשאַפֿט, סטרעסינג די וויכטיקייט פון אַפּקאַמינג שוועבעלעך.

גראָס באשטעטיקט אַז דער ווייַטער צייט וועט זען גרויס דרוק צווישן די ליגע און די זייַעד קאַפּ פֿאַר קלובס און די אפריקאנער טשאַמפּיאָנשיפּ "קאָנפעדעראַטיאָן", אָבער סטרעסט אין דער זעלביקער צייַט אַז די טעכניש שטעקן צוגעגרייט די מאַנשאַפֿט געזונט צו האַנדלען מיט די דרוק פון שוועבעלעך.


קאָלאָמביאַן סטרייקער אויף די וועג צו זאַמאַלעק

Zamalek 's Board of Directors has intensified negotiations in recent days with Colombian striker Deportivo Cali.

מאָרילאָו איז געווען נאָענט צו דזשוינינג Zamalek אין די זומער אַריבערפירן צייַט, איידער מאָראָקקאַן כאַמעד אַהמאַד איז געווען סאַבסטאַטוטאַד פֿאַר אים.


Zamalek באַשלאָסן צו האַלטן זיין שטערן און נישט צו געבן זייַן באַדינונגען

Zamalek ס ברעט האט באַשלאָסן צו האַלטן Hazem Emam, די רעכט-צוריק פון די קלוב ס פוטבאָל מאַנשאַפֿט, און נאָענט די טיר צו קיין נאַגאָושייישאַנז צו זיין איינגעשריבן דורך אנדערע קלאַבז בעשאַס די יאנואר אַריבערפירן פֿענצטער.

אלעקסאנדריע און פּעטראָדזשעט זענען כאָופּינג צו פאַרבינדן האַזעם עמאַם בעשאַס די אַפּקאַמינג אַריבערפירן פֿענצטער, ווי דער קלוב ס מערסט ערנסט נאַגאָושייישאַנז זענען געווען אין אלעקסאנדריע.


לערן וועגן די ווערט פון פּרייזאַז פֿאַר אַפּקאַמינג אפריקאנער טערנאַמאַנץ

די אפריקאנער פוטבאָל קאָנפעדעראַטיאָן (CAF) האט אנטפלעקט די גרייס פון דעם פאַרגרעסערן אין גאַנץ פרייז געלט פֿאַר קאַמפּאַטישאַנז אונטער זייַן שירעם אין פאַרשידענע קאַטעגאָריעס.

אונטער די טשויסמאַנשיפּ פון אַהמאַד אַהמעד, CAF וועט מאַכן ברייט אַמענדמאַנץ צו די CAF טשאַמפּיאָנשיפּס אין טערמינען פון דאַטעס, מאָדע פון ​​וווינאָרט אָדער פרייז.


אַ יקסייטינג דערקלערונג פון פרעזידענט סמאָוהאַ אויף דעם קאמף פון אַהלי און זאַמאַלעק צו קויפן זיין שטערן

פאַראַר אם, דער טשערמאַן פון דעם ברעט פון סמאָוהאַ קלוב, האט אַ ריזיק סיכסעך מיט זיין פּערזענלעך חשבון דורך פאַסעבאָאָק.

"ווער וויל צו פאַרבינדן יאַסער יבראַהים האט צו באַפעלן בייַ מינדסטער 100,000,000 פונט," געשריבן אַמער


זאַמאַלעק סלאָטערז אַ קאַלב אין צוגרייטונג פֿאַר די ינלענדיש

די פוטבאָל מאַנשאַפֿט פון זאַמאַלעק קלאַבז אַ קאַלב איידער מאַראַן ס קאָלעקטיוו אויף דינסטאג.

حيث يأتي هذا الإجراء كنوع من التفاؤل سعيا لمواصلة الفريق انتصاراته بمسابقة الدوري الممتاز التي يتصدرها برصيد 26 نقطة بعد 11 مباراة خاضها حتى الآن.


شيكابالا على أعتاب الاسماعيلي

اقترب محمود عبدالرازق شيكابالا، نجم فريق نادي الزمالك واالمعار هذا الموسم لصفوف أبولون اليوناني، من الانضمام لصفوف الاسماعيلي، خلال فترة الانتقالات الشتوية المقبلة بيناير.

وكان شيكابالا قد أبدى ترحيباً كبيراً بالمفاوضات التي أجراها مسؤولو الدراويش معه خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية.


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