In six hours .. How to separate adherent surgeons in Australia? -10-11-2018 – In six hours .. How did the surgeons split the twins in Australia?

Surgeons in Australia could have extracted twins from the kingdom of Bhutan after a six-hour operation. Two children, Nima and Dawa Belden, aged 15 months, joined the chest and had one liver. Doctors managed to divide the twin liver, but after the start of the operation, they discovered that each of the children had separate intestines.

The mother took the blin into Melbourne, Australia last month, but doctors postpone surgery by Friday to fulfill the child's nutritional need.

"Two girls are in good shape," said Joe Karamri, who led a team of surgeons during successful twinning operations and explained that there was a great "joy" when Bhumuchu Zhangmo, the mother of both children, told "great gratitude" for what he did.

The operation included 18 experts divided into two groups, one for each child, during a surgery at the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital. The occurrence of connected twins is rare. Statistics show that they occur on every two hundred thousand births and between 40 and 60% Those cases of abortion.

There are very few twinning operations every year around the world. From birth to the success of the separation process, Nima and Dawah could not sit at the same time and stood by one another one by one.

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