Food suppressing body weight



Food suppressing body weight


Different nuts

Experts at the American Heart Association have discovered that nuts prevent weight gain and improve cardiovascular health.

According to the EurekAlert website, the scientific group analyzed data on the health status of more than 126,000 men and women who did not have chronic illness. Every four years they answered a questionnaire of researchers about the quantity and number of nuts that they ate.

It turns out that about 30 grams of nuts per day will not harm the body, on the contrary, it helps in the fight against obesity. In addition, scientists have found that as much nuts eat on a daily basis, instead of red meat, processed meat, potatoes, chips and desserts reduce the risk of weight gain.

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Nuts increase survival in patients with colon cancer

"People think that nuts are rich in fats and calories, so they do not seem to be healthy foods, while nuts prevent body weight and improve health," says researcher Liu Xiaoran.

The study confirms nutritional nutrition reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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