Filgoal | News Source in Ismailly for the Julie: We prepare a complaint against the African roofing backed by evidence


An official source in Ismaili Club was the first step of his club following events in Africa's face.

African team is a guest of Ismaili at a meeting not ended because of the riots of some Dervish fans.

An official source of Ismaili said "The IsmailA board is currently preparing a complaint to submit to the African Football Confederation against the referee."

"The complaint will be confirmed by evidence and the driver of errors will be revealed at the Ismaili meeting against Africa."

"Those will be records of all the errors made by the referee and will be sent with the complaint to the African Union."

The result was a 2-1 victory over Ismaili in the final leg of African Group C league champions before the match was suspended in 83 minutes and over half an hour to be canceled by Cameroon's allium ninth.

The African Football Confederation (CA) is waiting to issue penalties against ISMA "illy for the riots.

The cancellation of the match due to the riots meant the exclusion of Ismail from the African Championship according to the CAF regulations. (See details)

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