An Italian hospital commemorates Davinian's death in a special way


Rome – Rome's Giemeli hospital has invited a street artist to paint the famous "Madonna Lita" for Leonardo da Vinci, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance genius.

Italian artist Andrea Ravo Matone is known for his huge work of art, especially Caravaggio. The painting of Madonna Litta began on Monday on the walls of Italy's famous Gemeli hospital and is expected to be done on Saturday.

Andrea Ravo Matone has recently been invited to a technical residence in the Royal Palace of central France, where the seriousness of Daviny, to complete 5 great paintings inspired by a painting by the artist Franzio-Gioom Menago (1744-1816), " Death of Leonardo da Vinci ".

The painting "Madonna Lita" dates back to 1490 and was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, but its implementation is attributed to Giovanni António Boltravio based on a preparatory drawing for the great painter.

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