Al-Itihad Singer Rihanna suits her father for using her trademark




Robin Rayana Vinty

Robin Rayana Vinty

Singer Ryan has accused her father of using her "Wintertime" trademark and claiming that a company founded in 2017 uses her name.

The singer, her real name, Robin Rayana, was invited to the Los Angeles Federal Court on Tuesday, accusing her father, Robert Winti, and two of his partners of fraudulent advertising and advertising of his company Vinty for entertainment and production talent .

Rioana, who was born in Barbados and uses the windy brand to sell cosmetics, underwear and shoes, asked the court to force her father to use the indemnity and unisex amount as compensation.

The statement said Ryan "has nothing to do with" Winti Entertainment, but the company uses its name and describes itself as connected to Briana.

Source: Reuters

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