Abu Dhabi police are warning about the abuse of quad signals between the fog


Police Abu Dhabi warned drivers of the dangerous consequences of the abuse of the four warning signals between the vehicle between the fog, which poses a risk to rear-end vehicles, causing the driver to be distracted in the rear vehicle because the driver can not determine the direction of the vehicle Before it and the resulting dangerous accidents.

And called for the use of Quartet alert signals only when it stops on the right side of the shoulder or in the event of accidents or extraordinary stops in the river of the road or because of the danger of alerting drivers of other vehicles.

She explained that the violators of these instructions apply to them, Article 104, traffic control rules and procedures from 2017, "Traffic at fog, contrary to the instructions of the relevant authority" and violates the fine of 500 AED and 4 traffic points and falls within the framework of ensuring safety traffic.

The use of four warning signs must be in the event of a risk on the river road, such as an accident or a solid object or a vehicle failure. Therefore, the driver can use these signals, with careful care on the right side of the shoulder, Other drivers are confused.

And he urged the drivers to use lights between the fog, explaining that "the walk in foggy times without the use of light" is contrary to traffic laws and the violation of fine 500 dirhams and 4-point traffic.

It should be noted that awareness and the dissemination of preventive measures are part of the efforts of the Joint Transport Safety Committee in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in cooperation with the Transport Department carried out by the Directorate for Transport and Patrol in the Central Operations Department and the Department for Security Information in the Management Sector commands. Fog.

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